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State of Indigo NSW vs Qld – it’s anyone’s game

Wednesday, 11 April 2018
By Print 21 Online Article

Richard Watson, Currie Group NSW, presents team CMYKhub NSW with their MVP award.

Week four in the Currie Group’s print series competition saw The Blues get out in front of The Maroons over the Easter Weekend in what’s become an incredibly close contest.

According to Phil Rennell, sales and marketing director Currie Group, mastermind and founder of the State of Indigo series, the buy in from HP Indigo customers across the two states is phenomenal.

“Printers love it. We’ve had four weeks of results and awards and the competition is picking up every week. It’s going to be huge,” he said.

Cornerstone Press carried the ball for QLD in week one.

Rennell’s promotional brainchild, the State of Indigo competition, is pitting NSW HP Indigo printers against Queenslanders.

It’s based on the weekly Print Beat scores of HP Indigo printers. Adjustments are made to ensure a level playing field – mostly through factoring in week-over-week improvement percentages. The state that has the best combined Print Beat results on their HP Indigo printers for March and April will be crowned the winners at the end of the competition.

So far NSW is edging to the front in the series three to one but at 16 to 15 there’s nothing in it.

“It’s a bit of fun, a game between printers to find the most productive HP Indigo printer in NSW and QLD,” said Rennell. “We’ll be running the numbers and compiling handicaps to make sure everyone has a fair chance of coming out on top. And winning the prize.”

PrintOS Print Beat is a cloud-based print optimisation solution that delivers historical and near real-time data for better, faster decision-making and improved print operations, making day-to-day print operations more efficient, productive and enjoyable.

The top two companies from the winning state will win two tickets to join Currie Group and HP at Game One being held at the MCG in Melbourne with return airfares and a night’s accommodation.

Results so far are:

  • Week 1: CMYKhub (NSW) & Cornerstone Press (QLD)
  • Week 2: Super Labels (QLD) & RFID n Print (NSW)
  • Week 3: Assta Label House (NSW) & Ultra Labels (QLD)
  • Week 4: CMYKhub (NSW) & Cornerstone Press (QLD)


RFID got off to a strong start for NSW in Week 2.

Super Labels assured QLD remained competitive.

Ultra Labels fields a strong team for QLD.

Assta Labels are well in the running for NSW.

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