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Stream emphasizes sustainability at Suppliers Conference

Thursday, 11 August 2005
By Print 21 Online Article

Andrew Price CEO and Founder of Stream Solutions said,
“Stream is strong in innovation and proactive with it’s customers. By the sheer number of attendees it demonstrates that suppliers are behind Stream. We’re not perfect and we’ll make mistakes but building strong relationships and having transparency is the key.”

Another key message sent to suppliers was on the issue of environmental sustainability. Extending its proactive approach to print management, Stream Solutions launched EnviroAssist Internet ‘portal’ to enable businesses to evaluate their environmental credentials in terms of print production and paper consumption.

“In regards to printing, Australia, is on par if not better than overseas contenders when it comes to quality, however the printing industry needs to address environmental issues and should not be regarded this as an optional extra,” stated Price.

According to Kristina Holdorf, keynote conference speaker and environmental print consultant, businesses today are under increasing pressures from many directions to practice Corporate Social Responsibility, and to find environmentally sustainable solutions to business practices – with those voices including shareholders, government regulators, and environmental groups.

The paper, printing, and associated industries are particular aware of community sentiment with regard to sourcing and consumption of raw materials for production of paper, and the use of chemicals in both the manufacturing of paper, and the actual printing process.

“As Australia’s leading print management company, Stream is aware that we have an ecological and social responsibility to the environment,” said Price. “In order to maintain credibility we will comply and ,where possible, exceed the requirements of national standards and current legislation.

“EnviroAssist is one tool that will support our customers in matching their business values with appropriate paper stocks, and help them with their strategies to minimise waste through responsible use of print and resources.

“While our customers are seeking to achieve a corporate environmental benchmark, when it comes to print many of them lack the resources, knowledge or organisational capacity to implement environmentally sustainable strategies. We anticipate that EnviroAssist will fill this gap and assist, educate, and provide current information and tools required to achieve these objectives”.

The conference concluded with the launch of Stream’s Supplier of the Year Award with the following suppliers winning the respective awards:

  • Vega Press (VIC) – Colour Printing
  • Doculink (VIC) – Digital
  • Australian Envelopes (VIC) – Envelopes
  • BHB Printing (NSW) – Forms Printing
  • Print Dynamics (VIC) – General Printing
  • Look Print (NSW) – Large Format Digital
  • Zipform (WA) – Unique Products
  • Craft Printing (NSW) – Web Offset Printing
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