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Stuff Up 1: Tele prints SMH pages

Wednesday, 01 May 2019
By Wayne Robinson

Something for everyone: Daily Telegraph / SMH

Readers of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph were left wondering if the paper had suddenly veered off its right wing trajectory, when pages from the Sydney Morning Herald appeared in the Murdoch paper.

The stuff up was at the News print site in Chullora, which now prints both News and Nine (Fairfax) papers, and saw two pages from the SMH make an appearance in the Tele, including the main editorial piece.

The News Chullora site now prints both News and Nine papers, as does the old Fairfax plant in North Richmond, and various other sites around the country.

Thankfully for Tele readers later editions of the paper returned to type, with a Star Glassed in Bar story replacing the call to reconsider the Anzac Day celebrations and letters calling out climate change deniers.

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