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Super-size your Pantone Matching System

Tuesday, 01 May 2018
By Print 21 Online Article

Graphic and packaging designers can now make seeing, using and communicating colour easier, with Pantone’s Super Chips and Super Swatch on-demand prints.

Every on-demand print is produced by a Pantone Colour Technician specifically for you and measured to ensure the most exact colour representation possible.

Currently available in the U.S. and on its way to Australia with Print21, over 2,000 Pantone Matching System colours can be at your fingertips within 48 hours.

Find the right fit for you and your needs with theses On-Demand Print formats from Pantone.

Pantone Sticker Chips – For Graphic Design
Attach & Share

Printed as peel-and-place stickers, you won’t lose these chips! Pantone Sticker Chips are made to attach to design files, sketchbooks, presentations, and more. Each sheet has 35 sticker chips per page, and at 1” x 1-3/8”, each chip is larger than the standard Pantone Solid Chips. Best of all, you can order a full sheet of a single color or up to five PMS Colors on a sheet – get what works for you!

Pantone Super Chips – For Graphic Design
Build & Communicate

Super-size your Pantone Chips! Designed to give graphic and packaging designers more colour for bigger projects, the 2-1/2” x 3-7/8” chips are great for larger colour conversations, decisions, and evaluation. Select up to six colours per sheet in the order of your choosing. Ideal for developing palettes, specifying, communicating, and evaluating colour throughout all stages of the workflow.

Pantone Super Swatch – For Graphic & Packaging Design

Test & Visualize

Sometimes, it helps to go big – really big! For the ultimate in Pantone Colour visualization, Super Swatch gives you one giant 8” x 7” block of your chosen colour. Ideal for cutting, shaping, and sharing, Super Swatches are big enough to mock up your print and packaging projects to get a forward look at your real-world colour.


Pantone Simulator Prints – For Packaging Design

Manage Color Expectations

The material you select for your packaging can have a huge effect on its final appearance. Simulator Prints let you preview how your colour will appear using 34 common packaging substrates and printing processes – before you go into production, saving you time and expensive rework. Order a sheet of up to five Pantone Colours or select just one to see how it will look on five different materials. Available as a printed sheet or as peel-and-place stickers!

Need to decide on your colours before you can super-size? Print21 offers all the latest Pantone books for you and your brand here.

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