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  • Healey backs Holmesglen TAFE training plan

    Industry chief describes the proposed Victorian TAFE school, now identified as Melbourne’s Holmesglen,  as the most economically responsible way to deliver institutional training for printing apprentices.

    Bill Healey, CEO of Printing Industries, gave his backing ahead of a pivotal meeting between the college, the Industry Action Group and himself on Monday.  The meeting was to decide the fate of the proposal to establish a new facility to train apprentices away from their job locations. Other proposals from the Victorian Government would have involved Printing Industries investing millions in establishing stand-alone training sites.

    Holmesglen Chadstone Campus

    “My concern has always been to ensure the Association is protected from major costs in providing off site training. The Holmesglen proposal meets the needs of those in the industry that want a central training site without exposing the industry to excessive costs,” he said.

    The TAFE proposal is one of a number of industry training initiatives being progressed by Printing Industries. The development of its own RTO (registered training organisation) will see it compete with other industry players for on-the-job training throughout Australia.

    “We’re also close to finalising a million dollar Government scheme to reinvigorate apprenticeship training. This will have far-reaching effects on the industry as a whole,” he said.

    He said the industry needs to move with the times and that the Association is committed to playing a leading role in the provision of training across the country.

    Roy Aldrich, a member of the Industry Action Committee and a firm advocate for the establishment of a central training facility,was confident the Monday meeting will confirm the new apprentice training scheme. He said the agreement was secure and will usher in a new era in printing apprenticeship training across Victoria and Tasmania, and possibly throughout the nation.

    “We need this style of training to equip our young apprentices with all the skills they’ll need in the future. Everyone I’ve spoken with in the industry wants this to happen,” he said.

    No news on the outcome of the meeting was available at time of going to press.