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  • Adkote takes on new Xanté Memjet-powered wide format press

    Adkote is introducing the Australian market to what is being claimed as the world’s first Memjet-powered wide-format press with the capability of printing on rigid substrates.

    The company says that the 42-inch Xanté Excelagraphix 4200 Inkjet printer is the first Memjet-powered printer to print onto rigid substrates, with the unit winning awards at the Graphics of the Americas trade show in Orlando earlier this year – it was first demonstrated as a concept at Chicago’s Graph Expo in late 2011.

    The press, which uses the locally-developed Memjet Waterfall Printhead Technology, can deliver more than 3 billion drops of ink per second, for print speeds rated at up to eight times faster than traditional inkjet technology. 
The printer includes dual speeds of 550 sqm per hour and 1100 sqm per hour.

    Xanté says that professionals can print over-sized architectural or engineering documents, maps, indoor signage, P-O-P displays, packaging, folding cartons, corrugated boxes, newspapers, and more, all on-demand.

    The adjustable media path allows users to print on a wide variety of media (including extremely thick foam board and corrugated cardboard) and sheet sizes (from 8.27″ x 8.27″ up to 42″ x 50′). Operators can personalize individual pieces as printing continues, running variable data at full speed.

    Below is a video of the Xanté Excelagraphix 4200 in action: