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  • Balance digital with analogue for bright future in print – PacPrint Forum 1

    Maintaining a balance between digital and analogue technologies is vital for printers wanting to succeed in the changing local industry landscape, according to Anders Sorman-Nilsson, the Swedish-Australian digital strategist who is hosting the first PacPrint13 Forum session at the trade show later this month.

    For Sorman-Nilsson (pictured), printers who dive into dive into digital technology 100 per cent will likely struggle as much as those who say off the digital wave entirely. The secret, he says, is to strike the right balance between the two.

    “Don’t throw the analogue baby out with the digital bathwater,” says Anders Sorman-Nilsson, in reference to what he’ll be presenting to PacPrint13 visitors at the first of the three PacPrint Forum sessions.

    “I don’t need to point out the benefits of physical print to anyone in the graphic communications industry,” says Sorma-Nilsson, “but what is important to note is that whatever industry you are talking about, we know there are benefits to analogue technologies – if you like, it can be summed up by saying that digital satisfies a customer’s mind, while analogue soothes the heart.

    “This is great news for business owners as they plan for the future; while there is no question the industry is in a period of significant change, or disruption, you don’t’ need to immediately re-equip or change direction. It’s more about allowing convergence, about a gradual transition,” he says.

    According to Sorma-Nilsson, whatever can be made digital will be made digital in the future, but there remain some things which cannot and should not be digitised.

    “Take, for instance, the retail industry, where much has been made of the impact of online shopping,” he says. “Yet while people enthusiastically research purchases online – that’s the digital mind at work – here in Australia only 9 per cent of transactions are conducted on line, meaning more than 90 per cent of sales are still made in ‘bricks and mortar’ stores. That suggests that the same customers still have an ‘analogue heart’ which responds to the physical environment.

    “So while online is an exciting environment that can be harnessed to great effect with the correct business model, it’s far from the whole story for retail, just as digital communications, while offering enormous benefits, are a long way from spelling the end of the physical, tactile and very effective medium of print,” he says.

    Sorman-Nilsson is the founder and creative director of research and strategy company, Thinque, and he will be bringing his unique global perspective to Forum delegates with a presentation titled, “Global change and the implications for business,” – the first of the PacPrint Forum sessions.

    The PacPrint13 Forum Series will run at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 11am to 12.30pm on the 22, 23 and 24 May. The day following Sorman-Nillson’s session, a panel of industry experts will consider ‘Perspectives on Print – The Challenges Ahead’ led by moderator Steve Crowe. At the final session on Thursday 24 May, Dr Ric Charlesworth will present a session on ‘Leadership & Managing Successful Transitions’.

    The Forum sessions are free of charge to all registered PacPrint delegates. No registration is required but, as sessions are always popular, those planning to attend should ensure they arrive early for the sessions of their choice. Each session will commence at 11am sharp.

    For more information or to register online, go to