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  • Apogee 9 points commercial printers towards wide-format

    One of the default workflows of the industry continues to enhance convergence between different types of printing and printers.

    Apogee is Agfa’s PDF-based workflow that is widely used throughout the commercial printing sector. The release of version ‘9’ is an indication of its longevity and the amount of development that has gone into it.

    The latest iteration, available later this year, has enhanced imposition and colour quality management capabilities. It aims to unify the workflow by operating as w=a production hub for both wide-format and commercial print operators.

    According to Andy Grant, Global Head of Software, Agfa Graphics, the Apogee 9 colour management is a new patented approach to a perennial challenge while tools and function like integrated tiling and nesting expands the output options.

    A patented approach to colour management: Andy Grant

    “With Apogee 9 as the production hub, commercial printers can automate their workflow, and it helps them to expand into the wide-format inkjet market,” he said. “Apogee 9 now brings typical wide-format tasks and existing powerful prepress functions together in one single, PDF-based workflow. It provides them with more flexibility and integration so they can remain competitive with added value products such as banners and posters.”

    Apogee 9 incorporates Adobe’s latest core technology for processing complex designs, and with HTML5 the new WebApproval portal for page submission and approval can now be used on tablets and other mobile devices.