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  • Ball & Doggett launches new website

    One of the rotating images on the new Ball & Doggett website.

    Ball & Doggett has launched its new website, following last year’s merger of two of the largest commercial print suppliers in Australia – K.W. Doggett and BJ Ball. showcases the new company’s full product range and offers a a range of resources for the print and design community.

    Customers can access the full listing of all products from display & visual, foils, graphics, packaging, labels, synthetics, envelopes as well as offset and digital papers. Technical specification sheets and up-to-date product data can also be downloaded..

    “We’re excited to finally launch the new website, reflecting our new brand, multiple divisions, services and most importantly, products,” says B&D national marketing manager, Tony Bertrand. “We’ve also included a list of our services such as ink mixing and i_CONSIGNMENT, educational resources and tools to make it easy for our customers to get the job done. We’ve enhanced the filtering system so customers can narrow their choice using features like gsm, applications, sheet size and colour to save time and help them make a decision.”

    A blog post on the new site looks at how Sydney design agency For The People created the new B&D brand.

    “Working in print has changed,” says Jason Little, creative director and co-founder, For The People, AGDA Studio of the Year (2016). “The traditional paper industry has had to shift its thinking, and start looking at new avenues for growth. The merger was as an opportunity to build a new identity that better reflected the true nature of the business – that of a highly diversified, innovative company that supplies every material associated with the print and production supply chain. It needed to move beyond the perception of a paper merchant stuck in the past, and really start to show how the company fits into the digital ecosystem of today.

    ‘The traditional paper industry has had to shift its thinking”: Jason Little, creative director, For The People.

    “Testing paper weight, mixing ink and polishing foil were some [of the products] we put through the lens of Willy Wonka and the materials factory, where things are never ordinary,” says Little. “And so the brand began to take shape from there.

    “The simplified letterforms of the brandmark enable it to demonstrate various behaviours and material properties. This was coupled with the imagined weird and wonderful manufacturing processes to show the joy in all materials. When it came to anything printed, materials are pushed to the front in applications. This meant toning down or straight up avoiding excessive graphics, and instead leaning more towards utility of information, simplified typography and a focus on making the materials do all the talking.”

    Ball & Doggett plans to add more features to the website over the coming months, including a foil wall to complement the existing colour wall.