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  • HP strikes local Latex deal with BMG

    HP has struck an Australian licensing deal with Brand Management Group (BMG) that sees the local branch of the global supplier set to distribute selected HP sign and display media for its Latex printers from the beginning of May.

    Under the agreement, which comes into force on 1 May, BMG will source, market and distribute a limited portfolio of HP-branded media while HP continues developing advanced media coatings and treatments. The HP media products available from BMG are limited to those intended for sign and display applications, optimized for HP Latex Inks.

    BMG, in collaboration with HP, will expand the HP portfolio with new media on 3-inch cores, which include: HP Everyday Adhesive Matte Polypropylene, HP Everyday Matte Polypropylene, HP Coated Paper, HP Universal Heavyweight Coated, HP Heavyweight Coated Paper and HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte.

    The local licensing deal is part of a larger agreement between the two companies that sees BMG, headquartered in Florida, named as the exclusive licensing partner for HP-branded sign and display media for HP Latex Inks, with BMG sourcing, marketing and distributing HP-branded media along with providing service and support to a worldwide distributor network and HP’s tier one and tier two partners.

    “We are excited about the opportunity to represent HP sign and display media around the world, particularly given that HP is recognized as the world’s inkjet printing technology leader,” says Justin Lehman, vice president of sales and marketing, BMG. “Through this partnership, we can bring to market quickly and efficiently the advanced media coatings and treatments HP is developing for printing and imaging professionals.”

    BMG, which is also licensed partner with Kodak, will begin taking orders for HP-branded Sign and Display media for HP Latex Inks worldwide on May 1, 2013.