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  • Publishing veteran looks at print’s future for upcoming Galley Club event

    American publishing veteran, Bo Sacks, is making a guest appearance at next month’s Galley Club of Sydney event to talk about the past, present and future for printing and publishing as it continues into the digital age.

    Bo Sacks (pictured) is a well-known industry identity and has worked in publishing in the US since the 1970s. Since then he has held positions that include Publisher, Editor, Freelance Writer, Director of Manufacturing and Distribution, Senior Sales Manager, Circulator, Chief of Operations, Pressman, Cameraman, Lecturer, and Developer of web site companies.

    He is the head of the Precision Media Group and has held directorships at such prestigious companies as McCall’s, Time Inc, New York Times Magazine Group, International Paper, Ziff-Davis, CMP, and Bill Communications. Bo publishes a daily industry newsletter to over 11,750 media industry leaders. It is the longest running e-newsletter in the world.

    According to the Galley Club, this is set to be an extremely informative presentation filled with information, facts, myth busting and humor. It covers the technological past, present and real future possibilities for printing and publishing at the digital edge.

    Sacks will discuss:

    -The Disruptive Factors of changing technologies and social patterns

    -Analysis and market predictions of printed and paginated products

    -Printing and Publishing Myth Busting

    -The powers of the paginated page and why they drive revenue

    -How we communicate alters what we communicate

    -Competition Redefined – New and Unusual Business Alliances

    -Actionable advice – What do we need to consider now?

    The talk: The Lucrative Future of Publishing in the 21st Century – A Tale of Modern Media Trends and Actionable Advice, by guest speaker, Bo Sacks, will take place at the Greenwood Hotel, North Sydney, 3rd of July, from 6:30 pm.

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