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  • The quick and the ‘not-so-dead’ – the return of quick printers

    Quick printers once had to battle for their reputations but now they’re fighting to regain independence with a new association in the USA aiming to represent smaller printers again.

    Quick printers were at the forefront of the move to on-demand printing. Using a combination of small offset and early digital technology they transformed the industry. In the USA, the National Association of Quick Printers (NAQP) was a highly effective industry group but some years ago it was gobbled up by a larger association.

    Now Harry Brelsford, one of the original members of the NAQP and owner of Varsity Graphics on the Gold Coast, has signed on with some old friends who are taking up the fight. The  National Print Owners Association (NPOA) is a reinvention of the quick printers association, formed with the aim of giving control back to members.

    According to Harry, the feeling is that the larger association has not performed for the smaller/digital printer.

    “A group of the old guys who where involved with the NAQP got together and launched the new National Print Owners Association in December last year. The main instigators are John Stewart and Mike Stevens, both printers and both who have visited Australia on speaking assignments.

    “I signed up on New Years Day – so that it is easy for me to remember. I’ll be attending their first conference in April in New Orleans. I think I am the only Aussie member at this stage,” he said.

    In an introductory letter to ‘fellow printers,’ John Stewart lays out the new groups genesis, motives and goals.

    The National Print Owners Association (NPOA) was launched by 19 printers, just like yourself, on December 20, 2012. Since then, we have attracted more than 170 printers and new applications arrive daily. We have a great spring conference planned for April 18-21st in New Orleans featuring great speakers and lots of time to socialize with fellow printers.

     We have a number of unique services on the drawing board, including free downloads of unique spreadsheets for determining costs for colour and black and white copies, calculating budgeted hourly rates, and break-even calculations. We will soon be launching a member-run resource centre staffed by experts within our ranks, and a special member-only resource page for reporting the latest and lowest prices for recently purchased equipment such as creasers, folders, presses, collators, inkjet printers, large format printers and the myriad of machines necessary in our industry.

     You can take advantage of our special “New Member Discounts” ranging between 18-29 percent if you sign-up between now and Jan. 31, 2013. By joining NPOA, you can also save 23 percent on our New Orleans Conference Registration Fees as well, but you have to act now. Please visit our new NPOA web site today and read why so many printers are signing up for this brand new trade association.

    We look forward to you joining this new ‘member-owned, member-run’ trade association designed to serve printers just like you.