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  • Fuji Xerox launches w2p Facebook app

    Fuji Xerox has launched a tool that allows users to integrate web-to-print portals with clients’ Facebook pages, allowing ‘fans’ to order branded and personalised print materials.

    The new technology, which was developed by Xerox’s XMPie division, will be on display, along with Fuji Xerox’s multi-channel and personalised print solutions, at this year’s Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) Forum in Sydney.

    The company says the new Facebook app, uStore Facebook Connect, will help print providers make the transition into marketing service providing by helping brands capitalise on their social media presence and Facebook following.

    Customers with XMPie uStore can embed a web-to-print portal on their customers’ Facebook pages as an application, allowing fans to order branded print materials that are personalised using the fans’ Facebook data, or that of their friends.

    “With uStore Facebook Connect, we give our customers the means to truly take their multichannel capabilities to new heights,” says Fuji Xerox marketing manager of Software Solutions, Peter Brittliff (pictured below). “Now they can create apps for their clients’ Facebook pages that enrich social media interactions by adding highly-personalised and relevant print to the media mix,

    “This allows brands to add value to their social media presence while extending their online relationships with fans into the tangible and engaging physical world, creating an overall richer and more valuable brand experience,” he says.

    Using the new app, when individuals who are fans of a company visit the company’s Facebook page, they will see the application icon under the page’s cover photo. By clicking the icon, fans enter the uStore portal for this Facebook app where they can select an available document template, such as a calendar.

    After giving all permissions that are typically required, the document is then personalized with information from their Facebook profile. From there, an instant PDF proof of the personalised document can be generated, and the fan can then move through the order process of final copy and delivery.

    If the fan allows it, an automatic status post to their Facebook wall can be triggered at this point to help the fan share the experience.

    Facebook Connect is an add-on available to customers with uStore 6.0 and PersonalEffect Print MI or higher, enabling XMPie customers to offer the application as a turnkey service to their clients – as well as own the data and create and fulfill the merchandise. The company believes this is the first offering of its kind in the marketplace with this model.

    Document templates for customization or personalization, and purchase within the uStore portal are created by the service provider or marketing personnel using the XMPie uCreate plugin to Adobe InDesign, and can range from greeting cards, event invitations and various types of calendars, to booklets and posters.

    These document templates can include variable elements, such as coupons, QR Codes, and even advertisements.

    “Facebook Connect, is a very powerful brand builder for companies with thousands or millions of Facebook fans, driving more demand and volume for print and marketing service providers,” says Brittliff.