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  • Member buying Group launched by Printing Industries

    Printing Industries members now have access to the best deals on everything from electricity and gas purchasing to glass window replacement – even wine purchasing – following the launch of its members’ Buying Group.

    CEO Bill Healey said the Buying Group has been created to provide members with a platform for aggregated purchasing of regularly used goods and services to improve the bottom line of their business and family budget.

    “Our goal is to return real cash value to members as part of our membership benefits services and to provide an easily accessible resource to achieve this. The Buying Group has its own password protected website which also offers some basic purchasing control tools to assist member companies monitor their purchasing and contract transactions.

    “We are celebrating the launch with a range of some 20 products and services and will progressively bring on board more services as they are identified from member feedback and on completion of negotiations currently underway,” he said.

    Printing Industries has partnered with EMSquared to provide a managed web portal aggregating its existing and new services into a single, managed purchasing environment.

    “EMSquared have brought together the aggregated buying power of our industry and several other industry groups, including the Australian Hotels Association, to negotiate better prices for a large range of business related services.

    “This includes the ability for members to access obligation free contract tender and negotiation services covering waste management, electricity and gas supply, phone and internet services and insurance. This is in addition to the 16 pre-negotiated offers included in the launch,” said Healey.

    Printing Industries will be introducing new services on a regular basis via special Buying Group newsletters, so members should make sure they keep an eye for the latest offers. If there’s something you think would be useful to include, please let us know at:

    The pre-negotiated offers include:

    • Leasing
    • Energy
    • Insurance
    • Travel
    • Workers Compensation services
    • Fuel discounts and account management
    • Volkswagen and Subaru Vehicle purchasing discounts
    • Holden vehicle leasing
    • Europcar corporate and leisure vehicle hire
    • Glass replacement and installation
    • Software
    • IT maintenance and management services
    • IT equipment purchasing (computers, printers, storage & networking)
    • Hotel accommodation discounts – local and international
    • Gift certificates and gift boxes
    • Wine purchasing