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  • Chili Publisher does demo at PacPrint in Melbourne

    Chili Publish will be demonstrating ‘CHILI Publisher’, its online document editing software, in partnership with distributor Workflowz Ltd, at the upcoming PacPrint 2013 show in Melbourne, Australia, from 21 – 25 May. The two companies will be teaming up at PacPrint for the first time at stand #330.

    Workflowz was one of the initial distributors of Chili Publisher and has worked closely with the developer from the beginning. Their regional experience and widespread dealer network have proven invaluable in reaching new markets and sectors, as well as getting the product to market quickly. Workflowz represents Chili Publish in the Oceania region and South Africa, in addition to their original market in the UK.

    “PacPrint is the premier event in the region and the best venue to showcase the latest version of Chili Publisher,” said Bram Verniest, CMO and managing partner of Chili Publish. “Building on the momentum we’ve established through other shows and events, PacPrint offers a great opportunity to team up with Workflowz and demonstrate our powerful and easy-to-use solution to a vibrant market. We look forward to highlighting our technology and meeting with attendees throughout the show.”

    “As a distributor, we look for best-of-breed solutions from developers with whom we can maintain an open and transparent relationship,” said Alan Dixon, Workflowz CEO. “When a partner has the same drive, ambition and passion as we do, then building out the product roadmap, adding feature requests and opening up new markets are readily achievable results. Partnering with Chili Publish has brought us many loyal clients, while the ongoing product improvements have kept us and our customers one step ahead of the market.”

    Launch, partner update and live demonstrations

    Chili Publish will be previewing and releasing Chili Publisher version 3.5, which features a number of enhancements. These include improvements to the 3D visualization function, additional support for PDF/VT, and extended typographic control, including horizontal text scaling. For those who may be unfamiliar with the software, there is much more to discover during demonstrations.

    In addition to teaming up with Chili Publish at the show, Workflowz is also supporting other Chili Publish integrators, such as Tharstern MIS and Esko – that both use Chili Publish software in their online web-to-print solutions. Tharstern has integrated Chili Publisher in e4print PRO, while Esko has incorporated it in its WebCenter platform for the packaging and brand management sectors.

    Company executives who will be available at PacPrint for meetings and demonstrations are Bram Verniest and Joeri Paeleman of Chili Publish, along with Alan Dixon of Workflowz. Chili Publisher is a mature and proven product, and Workflowz is looking to grow the number of local resellers. The company is also working to expand its pre- and post-sales service offerings to a growing number of clients in the Oceania region.

    Chili Publisher: powerful online document editing

    Chili Publisher is a flexible, online document editing solution that integrates seamlessly and transparently within a wide range of workflows and production platforms. It was built on four core principles: flexibility for ease of customization; open architecture with API toolkits; consistency across platforms, browsers, and different systems; and a browser-based interface for the easiest possible access. It provides powerful editing capabilities and comes with an extensive feature set previously only available in dedicated publishing applications. System integrators can choose how to incorporate Chili Publish software into their workflows, whether used for web-to-print, magazine publishing, packaging, brand management, yearbook applications, or others. Chili Publisher embeds into the application and is fully customizable to each end user’s needs.

    The ability to easily integrate Chili Publisher with software from major industry developers to enhance value and productivity is a key reason why Chili Publish has secured a number of partnerships. Amongst many others, Chili Publisher is integrated into Esko WebCenter; Canto Cumulus; Agfa:Apogee Storefront; GamSys PartnerWeb; Chili Connector for Magento by PHPro (part of the Belgian Cronos group); and Tharstern e4print Pro.

    To find out more, visit: Chili Publish