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  • Chili Publish sees better in 3D with new release

    Chili Publish is helping designers to better visualise jobs in 3D, with the company’s new online document editing system Chili Publisher version 3.5 coming loaded with enhanced 3D Folding functionality.

    With new features, improved functionality and the latest 3D visualisation options, Chili Publisher 3.5 is set to offer print service providers a new level of editing functionally in a fully customisable, browser-based application.

    ‘We’re always talking with our customers about the challenges they’re facing on the front line, and their feedback is our drive to continuously innovate,” said Bram Verniest, CMO of Chili Publish. “The latest version 3.5 of Chili Publisher really sets the standard in online document editing, making it faster, easier and more effective than ever. Users can expect big things as they implement it, making day-to-day tasks much easier and helping them raise productivity of their operation to the maximum.”

    Within the new release, Chili Publisher brings the 3D Folding functionality that was first introduced in Chili Publisher 3.0 to a next level, allowing users to fully visualise content in 3D so they can make better-informed design decisions.

    “We are especially excited about the 3D enhancements in Chili Publisher 3.5 as they make it even easier to visualise the final document layout and how folding will affect it. This prevents expensive errors that are often not discovered until the project reaches the bindery,” said Verniest.

    The 3D Folding Advanced in Chili Publisher 3.5 includes composed materials – combine multiple documents and/or assets in one single 3D model; Animation – in addition to animating a document (folding panels), users can now move the camera around the object for a true 3D visualisation.

    These animations can also use ease-in and ease-out functionality, resulting in a more attractive view; Separated preview integration: the 3D preview, previously an option in the workspace, can now be loaded separately into a web application.

    Chili Publisher 3.5, which is distributed locally through Workflowz, also offers PDF/VT compliance, an international ISO standard that defines the use of PDF as an exchange format optimised for variable and transactional printing. By supporting international standards, Chili Publisher ensures that users have the best possible experience using the editor in a workflow.

    In addition, version 3.5 comes with new IDML export functionality. It allows users to export Chili Publisher documents to InDesign Markup Language (IDML), a format that improves the compatibility of files with a wider range of Adobe InDesign versions.

    IDML is an XML-based format, introduced in Adobe InDesign CS4 for representing InDesign content.
Another new feature involves an improved Chili InDesign Converter, a tool used to convert existing Adobe InDesign documents to Chili Publisher, and vice versa.

    With the new version 3.5 of the plug-in, users now have the option to import a document from Chili Publisher into InDesign without images or fonts – for example, if those resources already reside on a user’s computer, or when the assets are located in a centralised Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. This improvement eliminates the need to move large files over the web, resulting in significant time-savings and smoother workflow.

    Another enhancement relates to scaling. In many print applications, text is scaled to fit the frame or media size. Chili Publisher 3.5 supports horizontal and vertical scaling of a text box, next to skewing of a frame. Furthermore, in response to user feedback, Chili Publisher 3.5 now lets users preview the actual appearance of fonts within a document. Preventing users to look for fonts one by one, this allows to easier decide which font to use.

    The new version is immediately available worldwide. Existing Chili Publisher users will receive an update upon request as part of their maintenance contracts.