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  • CMYKhub launches Cairns production hub

    CMYKhub Cairns, QLD.

    Trade printer CMYKhub has opened a new digital and wide format production facility in Cairns, investing in two HP Indigo presses from Currie Group and two Mimaki printers from Spicers to serve its expanding Far North Queensland market.

    ‘To maximise our ability to better service a broader geographical area’: Carl Stobie, GM CMYKhub Queensland.

    “We’ve decided to relocate our North Queensland production hub from Port Douglas to Cairns to maximise our ability to better service a broader geographical area, which now includes Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns and Port Douglas,” says Carl Stobie, general manager CMYKhub QLD.

    The leading trade printer has sold the offset press at its former Port Douglas production centre and reinvested in a range of new equipment for its Cairns facility, including two new HP Indigo printers from Currie Group.

    “We decided not to continue with offset printing in the region as our old five colour press at Port Douglas had become outdated and didn’t measure up to our national print quality standards set by the other presses in our network,” Stobie says. “We brought the HP flatbed and the existing finishing equipment. Everything else is a new investment.”

    Stobie says the company has increased its investment in digital and wide format because “it’s the best fit for the local area. We’ve continued with our HP Indigo commitment via Currie Group, by installing a 7r digital press and a 7600. We decided to create a point of difference by installing the only Indigo’s in the region providing the high quality digital alternative.”

    The company has also bought six Mimaki presses from Spicers, with two of them already installed in Cairns. “We’ve invested in six Mimaki UCJV’s 300-160 across our Australian network, two of which have been installed at our Cairns Hub. These are LED UV ink 1600mm wide roll-to-roll machines. One 4 colour and one 8 colour, including white ink.

    “We’ve also invested at the top end of cutting tables with the Esko Kongsberg X24, which provides a broader range of wide format finishing options,” Stobie says. “We’ve identified a large number of sign writers in the region that could utilise the router cutting and milling as a trade service.”

    CMYKhub in Cairns, QLD.

    Staff members at Port Douglas have agreed to relocate to the new plant in Cairns, about 65 kilometres down the coast. “We’ve been very lucky with our staff from Port Douglas,” says Stobie. “We haven’t had to hire anyone new. Their fantastic attitude was a key factor in the decision to move from Port Douglas to Cairns and make substantial reinvestment into the business.”

    The investment in Cairns underlines the company’s increased focus on North Queensland. “We are very supportive of the local economy and industry, and we are genuinely excited to be a part of it and help contribute to it. While most manufactures are choosing to shift work down south, we felt the best option was to focus on speed to market and provide local support for resellers in the region. We understand many have tried and failed with this approach over the years but we back our model to stand up and last the distance.”

    The new Cairns production hub is scheduled to be officially launched at an open night beginning at 6pm on 9 August. All members of the trade in the region are welcome to attend for an evening of education, ideas and networking, including the announcement of new product and service initiatives tailored specifically for the North Queensland market.

  • New Ryobi powers-up Perth print production

    Leading ‘trade only’ print supplier’s no-compete rule is attracting more resellers and helping drive increased volumes in WA.

    A Ryobi LED perfector is the fourth major 8-colour press installed in the CMYKhub network – one Komori in Melbourne, then Ryobi in Sydney, Brisbane and now Perth. The latest press is planned to give the group wider production coverage than any competitor in the industry. With the installation of the Perth press in a new purpose-built factory, the ‘trade only’ printer will have serious LED offset production capacity across the nation.

    “We are a true ‘trade only’ printer," Clive Denholm, CMYKhub founder.

    “We are a true ‘trade only’ printer and don’t sell retail under other brands like some other trade printers. This means resellers are more comfortable with the CMYKhub model,” said Clive Denholm, founder.

    He also believes the free website software offered by CMYKhub is also a great value add for resellers.

    Adam Hollister, CMYKhub WA state manager says the move to perfecting presses reflects to need to reduce manufacturing costs in a competitive trade market. “We are finding that deadlines are becoming shorter and the market is increasingly competitive. The UV presses allow us to print and cut work instantly even on uncoated paper.

    “The ability to produce a finished product in one pass is vital to keep costs down. This underpins why we have made a decision to move towards perfecting presses with UV and to choose Cyber as our supplier,” he said.

    Additional investment in finishing equipment is occurring at the same time with a new Perfecta Guillotine line to be installed at CMYKhub WA by December.

    In 2013 CMYKhub WA purchased Top Print, a local trade printer and has grown the business in the last year to a size that requires the new equipment and more space.

  • CMYKhub powers up with a HP Indigo 10000

    Trent Nankervis installs Australia’s fourth HP Indigo 10000 press to boost capacity in short-run, high-value print to meet the expectations of its print industry customers.

    The premier ‘for trade’ supplier made over $2 million investments in the Melbourne facility following a survey of its reseller customers that identified a market for such items as high-quality digitally printed short-run A4 landscape perfect bound and saddle-stitched booklets as well as A2 size jobs such as point-of-sale posters.

    CMYKhub is setting a cracking pace nationwide in press investment and technology upgrades as it keeps pace with growing demand from its printer resellers. According to Nankervis the growth is a vindication of CMYKhub’s commitment to never sell direct.

    Now the addition of a HP Indigo 10000 to the Heidelberg West facility, only the fourth one to go into Australia, is set to expand the range of products it can offer its resellers even more.

    While admitting it is difficult to do a definitive ROI on new equipment Nankervis is convinced the HP Indigo 10000 is the right technology at the right time. “We made the decision after interviewing our customers to find out what they wanted. There was overwhelming positive response for the work the HP Indigo 10000 can produce,” he said.

    The new press is still settling in, running test sheets this week, although Nankervis confessed himself surprised at the quality of the first few sheets that came off the machine. “I’ve tested many different machines but these were as good as it gets,” he said.

    "It’s a balance of timing and technology," Trent Nankervis, MD, CMYKhub

    To complement the new press, CMYKhub has also installed a Scodix digital embossing press, which is capable a high lift spot UV effect adding impact with a high-spot gloss finish to printed material.

    The intention is to fill the press with new work, not take it from the current line up of HP Indigo 5600 and the Komori Lithrone G40P 8-colour H-UV perfector. (He traded in the HP Indigo 7600.)

    Working on the premise that the market only has so much capacity for this time of equipment and that within 18 or so months there will be six to ten of them in operation, Nankervis believes now is the time to make the move.

    “It’s a balance of timing and technology. I believe the 10000 technology is now quite acceptable where it is. There are other brands in the market but they’re not ready yet. I did a lot of testing and by the time the others are ready it will be a challenge to consider a two million dollar investment with so many already in the market,” he said.

    As an avid technologist he believes that while the future will belong to inkjet it’s not ready yet in terms of repeatability and maintenance. One of the first early fans of Benny Landa’s Nanography, he recognises that the emerging press company is now focusing more on the packaging market with its five colour and coater machine. The commercial version of the Landa press is still some years off.

    “At this stage the HP Indigo 10000 is the best option for commercial printers such as us,” he said.

    The digital engine is only one of a number of new investments, mostly in Ryobi LED-UV perfectors, the latest going into Queensland following a similar post-PacPrint installation in Sydney.

    “It depends on the size of the market and the demand. Here in Melbourne we need the big Komori but other markets are different,” said Nankervis.

    CMYKhub resellers will shortly receive sample kits to assist them take maximum advantage of the new products from the HP Indigo 10000. “We feel the short run 6-page A4 brochures and landscape A4 brochures will aid the resellers to tackle markets like the real estate industry,” said Nankervis.







  • CMYKhub backs Top Print future in WA deal

    CMYKhub is simultaneously bolstering its presence in the Western Australia market and snatching a WA print house from the clutches of financial collapse, purchasing the colour goodwill of Carlisle-based trade printer Top Print.

    According to CMYKhub, Top Print was hit by bad debt of over A$100,000 from a business in Sydney that failed and, according to sources, set up shop again the following week under a similar name.

    This bad debt forced Top Print to resize the business and sell assets to ensure it could pay its creditors. Now, with CMYKhub purchasing the goodwill of the colour company, the business will continue to operate in a downsized trade only capacity under the banner of CMYKhub.

    According to Clive Denholm (pictured), CMYKhub founder, the opportunity to help Top Print out of a tight spot came as CMYKhub needed to upsize its offering in WA. “We had a lot of pressure from customers to be able to offer the same products we sell on the eastern seaboard,” he said.

    Denholm said he has known the Top Print management for over ten years and has a lot of respect for the owners. “Our relationship has made it possible to achieve a good outcome from a bad situation,” he said.

    Now that CMYKhub is expanding its existing operation in WA with the Top Print deal, the reception to the increased facilities in WA has been reportedly well received by the existing customer base. CMYKhub is set to hold a series of seminars in Perth to demonstrate its free Web2Print (W2P) and online ordering software.

    Peter and Merrilyn Watt, part owners of Top Print, will continue to operate the downsized business, focusing on printing NCR and PMS work.

    “From what was a very difficult situation, we have managed to get an outcome that will look after the interests of all concerned including our customers and creditors,”said Merrilyn. “We are really thankful that we can introduce our customers to one of the best trade printing systems in Australia and that the deal with CMYKhub has helped us have a business going forward.”