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  • International print standards authority joins Colour Graphics Services at PacPrint

    Alan Dresch from Mellow Colour, UK, an internationally-recognised authority on printing standards and brand colour management utilizing PrintSpec and InkSpec will join Colour Graphics Services’ managing director, David Crowther, at the company’s stand #2344 at PacPrint in Melbourne.

    With just days to go before PacPrint 2013 opens its doors, Colour Graphics Services has also announced several important extensions to its ISO 12467-2 products and training.

    “New for us at PacPrint 2013 will be the local release of Mellow Colour’s latest colour QA products, ImpressionProof and RabbitScanner. Alan is making a special flying visit to demonstrate the new products,” says Crowther (pictured).

    Dresch is currently busy with the international roll out of ImpressionProof and RabbitScanner for the UK’s Marks and Spencer retail chain, where variance in the colour of their packaged goods is now becoming a thing of the past. RabbitScanner is an inexpensive press-side strip reader for 20, 30 and 40-inch presses, that provides totally accurate ink key data. ImpressionProof enables local and remote proof checking even while the press is running, and uses Adobe’s Print Engine 2 at its core.

    “Additionally, new for us at PacPrint 2013 is the launch of our CHROMAtrain program of onsite colour training where the culture of critical colour standards is imparted in a familiar environment and with a minimum interruption to normal production,” says Crowther. “We have also recently become accredited for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Systems Management and Auditing which is closely linked to the Mellow Colour ISO 12467 tools. Brand custodians increasingly insist on proof of such ISO compliance before placing print orders.”

    Colour Graphic Services is also finding increased demand for colour knowledge in the RGB world of professional photographers and designers: “The conversion of RGB to CMYK has always been a bit of a mystery to photographers and advertising agencies,” says Crowther, adding “there is often a feeling they are being short-changed when they see their RGB work in print. This need not always be the case if thorough processes are put in place. By being ISO-conscious from image capture to reproduction, all stakeholders can be satisfied.”

    Apart from training and implementation services to printers, publishers, brand custodians and photographers, Colour Graphic Services also supplies the tools to manage colour effectively, including the X-Rite suite of instruments and software, Eizo colour calibratable  monitors, Just Normlicht viewing systems and Pantone solutions.

    “We will be demonstrating X-Rite EasyTrax press side scanning system, for on press process control and full ISO 12647 reporting using PrintSpec,” comments Crowther

    “Printers, photographers and sign makers of all kinds – analogue and digital – can benefit enormously by getting their colour under control and using our knowledge and tools to keep it that way,” says Crowther. With Alan Dresch here from the UK and our own local resources, a visit to our PacPrint stand is a must for all colour-conscious graphics professionals.”

    Colour Graphic Services is on stand 2344 at PacPrint, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, from May 21-25. Website: