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  • PIAA teams up with ADMA for print marketing course

    The Printing Industries Association of Australia (Printing Industries) is launching a pilot program in NSW provide providing printing companies with marketing services skills they can use for generating new income streams.

    The modular marketing course builds on an introductory program in 2012, which provided a basic marketing overview across a wide range of marketing services.

    Joe Kowalewski (pictured), Printing Industries national director, Communications and Marketing, said the initial program helped to identify the areas where detailed knowledge and skills were needed and had commercial viability. 

    “Working with the Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) [formerly the Australian Direct Marketing Association] we have created four modules to be run over two days that will provide the critical hands-on skills and understanding for printing company staff to deliver revenue generating marketing services,” he said. “The modules cover cut-through marketing focusing on marketing basics, quality, content and delivery; multi-channel marketing, the effectiveness of each channel and when to use them for the best results; using data in marketing, ensuring its accuracy and responsibilities under privacy laws and how and where to use social media.”

    The modules can be taken individually or as a complete package over two days.

    Garry Knespal, GASA general manager, said that PacPrint13 demonstrated the changing face of the printing industry and the need for companies to invest in new services to capitalise on the changing business needs of their clients.

    “Business communication options are expanding and will continue to evolve. That’s why it’s so important for printing companies in particular to be able to provide new options as part of their communication product and service mix that their clients are using and needing assistance with,” he said.

    The four modules will run over two days in half-day sessions on 14 and 21 August.

    They are:

    Module 1: Cut-through marketing – (Day 1)
Get a real sense of what it takes to create a marketing campaign. Learn the fundamental rules to creating a successful marketing campaign which work regardless of the campaign objectives or of the media used.

    Module 2: Data-driven marketing – (Day 1)
This session will look at four  key components of data-driven marketing:  Getting the right data; Identifying the data do you need to populate your database and drive effective marketing and where to get it from. Ensuring its accuracy and Privacy.

    Module 3: Deploying for success – (Day 2) 
Multi channels and how to use them effectively individually and as multi-channel campaigns.

    Module 4: Social Media – (Day 2)
This module will be adapted to suit attendees’ use of social media and intentions as part of the services they offer their clients. It will cover social media usage, consumer behaviour and trends, why it is different, social media goals and examples of how it is being used.

    Early Bird Prices for Printing Industries members booking before 5 July are $275 single module or $885 Full package. Non-member and post  5 July fees are $330 per module or $1050 Full package.

    Additional information and registration is available via this link or by calling (02) 8354 0602 or emailing:

    The courses will be held at the Fuji Xerox Epicentre, Australian technology Park, Eveleigh, in Sydney.