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  • TC Printing ramps up production with new Heidelberg

    Melbourne print house, TC Printing, is set to ramp up its speed and capacity after placing an order for a new Heidelberg XL 106 10-colour perfecting press to replace its older Speedmaster 74.

    The new press will run in tandem with the Scoresby-based company’s Speedmaster 102 8 colour press. For Shant Cullu (pictured), TC Printing general manager, the desire for efficiency prompted the decision to invest in the new press, along with a strong belief in the continued importance of print in the modern marketing and communications mix.

    “The main motivation for the purchase of the XL106 was to increase our efficiency, while being able to respond promptly to client demand,” says Cullu. “We chose the XL106 because we believe it’s the best in its class and suited for our medium to long run work. It will speed up our workflow and deliver greater productivity. Its design and features are highly evolved from other presses, and we have the best operators on deck to master it.

    “In today’s market there is a lot of hype about online,” he says. “However, the fact is that print has remained the most effective marketing channel. It’s proven with higher response rates, and is viewed as a more trustworthy source. End users generally spend more time reading a postcard or letters than they do an email, for example.

    “The only issue is cost. Those companies that have sufficient marketing budgets to allow for the cost of print should not cut back on this form of advertising as it has now become more unique than ever. There’s the old expression, ‘would you destroy a clock to save a little time?’ Heavily investing in new technology like the XL106 is testament to proven sales resulting from print,” he says.

    Cullu believes that the new press will allow TC Priting, which employ 30 full-time staff producing work for both packaging and commercial customers across a number of industry sectors, to not only meet its current workload commitments with greater speed and efficiency, but also to pick up new work and customers.

    “This high performance press will also enable us to attract more high quality work for corporate clients that need their brands and products represented with the ultimate perfection,” says Cullu.

    For Cullu and TC Printing, the outlay for the new press is far outweighed by the opportunities for increased services it offers the family business.

    “Business is what you make it. We have great relationships with our clients and we make sure we deliver what we promise. We always sell on service, which is the most important factor, especially with high quality and time critical projects. This press is a big investment, but we did our homework and are confident that this is the right machine to meet our clients’ expectations and to allow us to continue to grow,” he says.