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  • Indigo packs a label punch with new HP package

    HP has announced a new enhancement package for the HP Indigo WS6X00 series Digital Press that is set to improve press performance, which the company says will allow customers to produce more labels with less effort every month.

    Touching all aspects of a label converting shop, the new capabilities improve press productivity and workflow efficiency, while opening new possibilities through an expanded range of high value applications.

    The enhancement package also helps to improve the return on investment of an HP Indigo Digital Press for new customers, and helps protect existing customers’ investments, as the new features are backwards compatible with existing presses.

    These new features build on HP’s strategy of delivering continuous innovation to the market to help customers increase productivity, such as the Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM) released last year.

    “Label converters are increasingly taking advantage of the productivity and quality afforded by the HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press for medium-run label and packaging printing to meet the brand standards their customers demand,” said Alon Bar-Shany, vice president and general manager, Indigo Division, HP. “HP is committed to bringing to market new product features and capabilities that allow customers to improve productivity as well as print more jobs.”

    The HP Indigo WS6X00 series Digital Press enhancement package features the new HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging Workflow Suite, version 4.0, powered by Esko, a solution for simplified colour management and automated job preparation. The new offering enables time savings of up to 70 per cent throughout the entire colour management process in addition to enabling up to 20 per cent more jobs per shift.

    Key features include:

    • A new colour engine that transforms existing workflow processes by automating common, time-consuming procedures. The result is quick, accurate colour management with fewer manual workflow steps required for efficient, high-quality printing.

    • New imposition and variable-data tools, including dynamic marks. These tools add flexibility in file preparation, by enabling to run various workflow steps in parallel instead of sequentially, resulting in a faster turnaround.

    • An additional raster image processing (RIP) choice, the Adobe RIP, which was specifically developed and optimized for Esko and Indigo technology. The Adobe RIP has significantly improved processing speeds, by up to 90 per cent.

    The enhancement package also includes software and hardware improvements that help maximise productivity and increase press uptime by up to 10 per cent, including:

    • HP Indigo Print Care 2.0, a comprehensive toolset that offers on-press diagnostic and remote support tools to help press operators maximise overall productivity and minimise press downtime. The new version saves users time by offering a subsystem view that consolidates all tests, diagnostics, troubleshooting and external tools. A scan-and-send capability enables easy sharing of images with remote support.

    • A new set of consumables, including a new charge roller that offers five times the lifespan of the current version, new photo imaging plate (PIP) and PIP underlayer for improved ease and time of installation.

    As part of the enhancement package, HP is introducing the industry’s first dedicated high-slip white ink for production of shrink sleeves, a market that is rapidly growing in terms of print volume and value. The new HP Indigo ElectroInk for WS6000 Series Presses White for Sleeves enables an even shrinking of printed sleeves without adding a high-slip spot varnish. The addition of white ink for shrink sleeves opens new business opportunities and applications for HP Indigo customers.

    In addition, the enhancement package includes a new Advanced Harmonic Topology Screen (HTS 210), which improves colour uniformity and consistency for complicated jobs.

    The enhancement package will be internationally available in September 2013. The HP Indigo range is distributed locally by the Currie Group.

  • 1st Horizon BQ-280 in WA goes to Print Finishing Line

    Western Australia’s Print Finishing Line is embracing the book printing sector’s new horizon – the move towards shorter runs – with the installation of the state’s first Horizon BQ-280 PUR single clamp perfect binder, which is set to clear up small job finishing bottlenecks for the trade finisher.

    Print Finishing Line, a trade finishing division of iconic Perth printing company, Pilpel Print, decided on the new Horizon perfect binder after the machine’s local distributor, Currie Group, featured it on its stand at PacPrint earlier this year.

    For Chris Duncan, manager of Print Finishing Line, the new installation – completed in early August – will allow the company to keep pace with the local industry as it moves away from long book runs in preference for shorter runs, often from digital print sources.

    “The book market itself is declining, and with the e-books and all of those new formats, the long run magazine work is disappearing at a rapid rate,” said Duncan. “The digital market has hit like a tornado, it’s coming in everywhere. They’re going towards the digital side of things, the short run jobs. We’ve got to be ready for that. We’ve got to move with the times.”

    Chris Duncan (L) and June Peacock from Print Finishing Line.

    In its new setting, the Horizon BQ-280 PUR is complementing Print Finishing Line’s existing perfect binding capacity, which is served by a high capacity Wohlenberg binder and an existing Horizon BQ-440, which was installed way back in 1989.

    The new addition will enable Print Finishing Line to avoid bottlenecks that build up when small jobs are run through the higher capacity machines. According to Duncan, it is also a more cost-effective option.

    “It’s obviously a lot cheaper to bind that way than to go onto the big machine. With this way it keeps the costs down,” he said. “It’s important that we offer all the services that our clients require. Having big long run machinery, we also need to complement that with the smaller run work. It’s just another service that they require, and we’re keeping our clients’ services up with this new machine.”

    Not only is the Horizon set to clear up bottlenecks, but its roller-based gluing system is proving a reliable finishing partner. The BQ-280 dual glue application drums enables the production of one to one variable thickness books with a high level of quality control – a feature that Duncan says is more reliable than alternative glue application methods.

    “The Horizon has a roller fed system, I don’t believe the technology on the jet system for gluing is good enough yet,” he said.

    According to Currie Group’s Western Australia manager Adrian Dixon, who oversaw the sale and installation of the Horizon machine, the new unit will not only allow Print Finishing Line to meet tighter deadlines with its simple operation and automated set-up, but it will also help free up the company’s other finishing equipment to continue uninterrupted on long runs.

    “The Horizon will allow them to complete their shorter run books quickly while the Wohlenberg is busy producing the larger volumes. This is for same day or quick turnaround finishing,” said Dixon. “Finishing houses and large commercial printers are purchasing independent digital finishing equipment so they don’t have to wait for a gap on their primary finishing lines.

    For Dixon, Print Finishing Line’s adoption of the new Horizon perfect binder sees the company set itself up for the future of print in Australia.

    “The trend is that the digital section becomes self-sufficient from the other departments,” said Dixon. “And, of course, the new BQ-280 will help Print Finishing Line meet its deadlines.”

  • New Stitchliner 5500 delivers binding boon to Fineline

    Fineline Printing is claiming a binding boon after installing a Horizon Stitchliner 5500 equipped with twin VAC-1000 collating towers in early July.

    The new system, which was sold to Fineline Printing house by the Currie Group, sees the Melbourne print house up the ante on its binding and finishing competitiveness substantially, with the new equipment replacing an older unit with a smaller capacity.

    According to Bernie Robinson, Currie Group managing director, (pictured) the new Stitchliner 5500 is Fineline Printing’s first foray into Horizon finishing products, with the new machine giving the printer the ability to do saddle stitching, book block collating for perfect binding and collating for NCR (non-carbon copy paper) work – the latter of which can be run backwards through the machine, effectively allowing two jobs to run at once.

    The Stitchliner 5500 can produce tight fold booklets from 2 to 50 sheets. The icon based touch screen allows for simplified operation and the job changeover is fully automated. The three-knife trimmer section produces nearly finished booklets.

    At 5,500 booklet per hour and with the combined advantages of flat sheet collating, saddle stitching and three-knife trimming the booklet making system is ideal for short to mid range production runs.

    Robinson says the company settled on the new unit after seeing a display of the machine for the first time in early May. The installation of the new Stitchliner follows close behind Fineline Printing’s move to expand into digital production after it installed a Kodak NexPress SX3000 in September last year along with a new CtP system.

    Now, following the Kodak NexPress addition, the company offers a raft of services, including its traditional offset offering along with its digital production capacity, wide format printing and print management, along with graphics services.

    This series of new investments by the company comes after former Salmat executive, Neil Collyer, paid around A$3 million to acquire the business from its founders in August last year.

    The installation of the Kodak press completed Fineline Printing’s new dedicated Digital Press Department and, although Collyer said at the time that it was no small investment, he believed the new technology would ultimately pay off.

    “Buying the press was a major investment financially,” he said of the new Kodak machine in September. “These presses don’t come cheap. Its arrival is testament to the faith I have in the future of print and the potential I see this new technology has created.”

    The decision to team the press with the Stitchliner (pictured) underlines the widespread industry acceptance of the Horizon finishing products, no matter what brand of digital press is on the front end. The Currie Group’s expertise in delivering finishing equipment to a growing range of digital presses is a defining trend in the industry.

  • Bambra Press buys HP Indigo 10000 – 1st at PacPrint

    One of two HP Indigo 10000 presses on the Currie Group stand at PacPrint this week – sold to John Wanless, Bambra Press – is awarded the 1st Print21 HotPick of the show.

    David Currie and Simon Lewis (pictured), HP Indigo, were pleased to accept the Print21 HotPick for the HP Indigo 10000 at PacPrint. The award is for standout technology exhibited and there are few more compelling pieces of kit on display at the show than the first B2 digital press.

    According to Wanless, the HP Indigo is a natural progression for the company, which has used the technology for nine years. “We work in the B2 offset format market, but as more jobs arise that require flexibility we need a machine that enables us to capitalise on those opportunities,” he said.

    Simon Lewis and David Currie accept the Print21 HotPick for the HP Indigo 10000 from publisher Patrick Howard at PacPrint.

    The Currie Group stand is the largest at PacPrint, packed with technology on display, from the first showing of the HP Indigo 10000s to the Scodix, digital embellisher and the newly developed Horizon SmartStacker. At the show’s first press conference, Guido van Pragg, HP Indigo Asia Pacific, revealed that the Currie Group is the company’s second largest channel distributor in the world.

    David Currie recalled the original approach from Andy Lambert, an Indigo employee at PacPrint 2001, where it all began for the Currie Group. Van Pragg described the transformation of Curries as symbolic of the way the industry has moved from offset technology to digital.

    Other HP announcements saw Colorcorp install a HP Scitex FB7600 industrial press while Anitech said it has entered a collaboration with HP to offer the full range of Designjet printers.

  • Currie Group NZ Roadshow wraps up in Dunedin

    The Currie Group New Zealand Colour Roadshow is wrapping up its epic graphic arts tour of Middle Earth, setting up shop in Dunedin, on its final stop before heading back to Auckland.

    This is the end of the second New Zealand sojourn by the local distributor, and the first with former Frontline founder, Craig Paul, acting as Currie’s new New Zealand manager.

    All of Currie Group’s best and latest goodies are on the truck to see, including the HP Indigo 5600, Horizon AFC-566FG cross folder, BQ-160PUR binder, CB160 creasing unit, PF40 folder, SPF-7 booklet maker and the Ideal 5221-95EP.

    The tour kicked off in Auckland on 20 February and has since wound its way down the spine of New Zealand stopping in at Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch.

    The truck is carrying these goodies, plus more:

    HP Indigo 5600

    Horizon AFC-566Fg

    BQ-160PUR binder

    CRB160 creasing unit

    PF40 folder

    SPF-7 booklet maker

    Ideal 5221-95 EP

    Visit the Currie website here to find out more.

  • Currie Colour Roadshow rolls into Wellington

    The Currie Group truck rolled into Wellington this week, as the Currie Colour Roadshow travels south from Auckland where it kicked off in February, on its second tour of the Middle-Earth isle.

    All of Currie Group’s best and latest goodies are on the truck to see, including the HP Indigo 5600, Horizon AFC-566FG cross folder, BQ-160PUR binder, CB160 creasing unit, PF40 folder, SPF-7 booklet maker and the Ideal 5221-95EP.

    David Eade explains the integrals of the Indigo 5600 to Wellingtonions

    This is the second New Zealand sojourn by the local distributor, and the first with former Frontline founder, Craig Paul, acting as Currie’s new New Zealand manager.

    The next stops on the Currie Colour Roadshow will be Christchurch from 18-19 March and Dunedin, 21 March. The truck will be in Wellington until 13 March.

    Visit the Currie website here to find out more.

  • Currie showcases trade fair tech in Melbourne

    The global printing industry’s foremost trade fair, drupa 2012, is done and dusted, but Currie Group is bringing a fair whack of the drupa technology showcase to Melbourne during July and August.

    The company will have the doors doors of its new state-of-the-art demo centre open from the end of July and into August for customers to see for themselves some of the latest technology available to the market in this drupa year.

    Currie Group is billing the demo centre open house as the place to be for those who missed out on being present at the huge trade fair in Düsseldorf in May, with the Hawthorn-based demo centre display set to feature the some of the company’s most recent acquisitions, including the new Scodix S74 and the HP Indigo 7600 digital press.

    The Scodix S74 digital press (pictured right), along with its sibling, the S52 are members of a digital enhancement press series that feature the Scodix SENSE ‘experience’ which uses advanced jetting block and multiple independently controlled inkjet nozzles that deliver Scodix’s proprietary PolySENSE clear polymer in small drops.

    Additionally, the presses feature the patented Optical Print Alignment (OPA) camera system, which executes enhancements with pinpoint accuracy, scanning each sheet to ensure exact delivery the PolySENSE clear polymer onto the substrate.

    As a standalone unit compatible with offset, laminated sheets and digital print feeds, the S74 will process a broad range of substrates and formats, including weights from 135 to 675 gsm, to a thickness up to 0.7mm. The clear polymer can reach thicknesses up to 250 microns, enabling the production of Braille letters and graphic elements.

    The other star that will be shining at the Currie Group demo centre display is the HP Indigo 7600 (pictured right), which is the fastest 13 x 19 inch format digital sheetfed press in the market. The 7600 model comes equipped with new intelligent automation that maximises uptime. The unit’s Automatic Alert Agent identifies print defects in real time, while automated calibration keeps registration and other parameters on track.

    The 7600, which is compatible with a whopping 2500+ substrates, makes use of HP’s Indigo liquid ElectroInk technology, which provides one of the widest digital colout gamut’s out there – with up to seven ink station on press at any given time.

    Currie Group will also be showcasing its brand new Horizon finishing equipment, including the BQ-270V, a high-speed bookbinder that can produce books up to 50mm thick at a rate of 500 cycles per hour. The binder will be joined by the CW-8000NL all-in-one near line booklet maker equipped with the SF-100 sheet feeder.

    Currie Group’s demo centre will be open from late July to mid-August in Hawthorn, Victoria. To book a demonstration, contact Erica Myers at or the local Currie Group sales representative to book a demonstration.