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  • Strong dollar impacts Aussie cut sheet – Pulp & Paper Edge

    The volume of imported cut ream paper reached a nine-month peak in May this year, impacting Australian paper production following this year’s strong performance of the Australian dollar against the US greenback, according to the latest issue of industry bible, Pulp & Paper Edge.

    While the strong Australian dollar has been accompanied by imported paper price increases and local paper price increases, the effect of the storng Aussie currency against the US dollar in May led to import levels as high as those seen since the GFC.

    This month’s issue of Pulp & Paper Edge, the industry’s foremost authority on paper market trends, indicates that, while both imports and exports of cut ream paper – office copier and printer paper – import rates have ballooned, outstripping the export figures.

    The report says:

    Imports of cut reams – office paper for printers and copiers – reached their highest level for nine months in May, almost breaking through 12,000 tonnes for the month. Other than the imports for August and September of 2011 when some serious anomalies and external factors were at play…May witnessed one of the highest levels of imports since the onset of the GFC.

    In recent times, the trend in the exchange value of the Australian dollar has coincided with a comparable trend change in imports, albeit with greater sensitivity applying to the imports,

    Many of the imports, probably those volumes that are above the long-term average of around 8.5 ktpm, are particularly price sensitive and only viable against the domestic production where the Australian dollar is securely at or above parity with the US dollar.”

    The report suggests that, while imports and exports have risen as a result of the Australian dollar relative to the US dollar, it is expected that cut-ream imports will be down for July, but rise again by August.

    The full report is available here.