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  • Third paper hike this year as pulp prices soar

    Paper merchants Spicers, Ball & Doggett and Direct Paper have all announced price rises of between 3%-8%, citing increases in pulp, energy costs, shipping and the depreciation of the Australian dollar.

    This will be the third price rise this year with Australia’s three largest paper merchants predicting more are on the way. Alternative uses for pulp as well as mill closures across the globe are changing the dynamics of paper manufacturing and supply. Print is having to adjust its prices everywhere.

    “As we move into the second half of the year, the increases in global pulp pricing show no signs of letting up, with all of our key suppliers remaining under enormous pressure to review their pricing into this market,” Ball & Doggett’s state manager NSW James McGrath advised customers in an email.

    “As you can see from the chart below, pulp prices continued to rise over the last quarter and are projected to continue for the rest of the year. To compound this, there continues to be increases in energy, ocean freight and a depreciating AUD against our major currency trading partners.”McGrath says Ball & Doggett has been able to absorb some increases through internal operational efficiency gains. “Unfortunately, we are unable to absorb all increases and as such we are advising that effective Monday 3rd September we are implementing price increases across our range as follows:

    Coated Paper & Board 6%; Uncoated Sheets (Imported) 6% (Local) 4%; Grange Carbonless Sheets 4%; Synthetic Sheets 3%; Packaging Boards 5%;
Specialty Papers 4%; Rigid Media 5%;
 Foils 6%.

    Spicers’ David Rowland, group regional manager, NSW/ACT/QLD, says its paper prices will rise between 3% and 7%, effective Monday 10th September.

    “As I am sure you are aware, our highly competitive industry continues to be challenging for all participants with further increases in input costs and direct costs of materials through manufacturer increases, power cost and freight,” Rowland told customers via email. “Spicers has tried to internally mitigate the severity of these costs, however recently we have received further price increases from our suppliers.

    “In order to ensure the sustainability of our channels, Spicers has no option but to pass through at least a portion of these incremental costs to our market. Our portfolio will be impacted as set our below:

    Coated Woodfree Folio Sheets and Digital 7%; All other Colour Commercial and Digital 5%; Industrial Packaging 3%. 

    Direct Paper is increasing its prices from between 5% and 8% from Monday 3rd September. “Whilst market conditions remain trying, this announcement will assist in recovering the higher costs passed on from our paper & paperboard manufacturers,” says Dale O’Neill, sales director, Direct Paper.

    Direct Paper price increases.

    “Please be aware that mill costs are continuing to increase and it may be necessary for us to revisit pricing over the coming months,” O’Neill says.

  • Direct Paper’s all-in-one packaging kit

    Direct Paper, one of Australia’s largest paper suppliers, has launched its  ‘The Complete Packaging Solution’ a swatch kit with more than 50 paperboard samples to showcase its range of packaging grades.

    According to Dale O’Neill, managing director, (right) the independent, family-owned company’s focus on packaging is an increasingly important part of its strategy. It’s a solid growth area for Direct Paper, a sector the company prides itself on both for its product knowledge and range of paperboard.

    “We put The Complete Packaging Solution’ together in order to show customers our full range in an easy and convenient way. I believe it’s the most comprehensive display of packaging papers in the industry. It took a lot of work in terms of time and effort – the printing and hand work  – but the end result is very satisfactory. I’m very pleased with it and I reckon the industry will be too. We printed over 1500 copies and there are thirteen different  types of products in there for packaging. It’s a great piece to show customers,” he said.

    The kit features 56 grades of board sourced from mills all over the world, which Direct Paper bills as the largest and most comprehensive range of paperboard packaging in Australia.  It ranges from Proxima hb smooth white bleach boards through natural kraft CustomKote paperboard white to the amazing looking Burano Black ideal for luxury packaging. And many more. “The kit is one easy solution for all your packaging requirements,” said Jessica Propsting, business development executive at Direct Paper. “We have everything from Natural Kraft paperboard to ovenable, fridge and freezer grades, recycled, wet-strength boards, grease resistant, specialty packaging, coated, laminated boards, and more.

    “It really is The Complete Packaging Solution’,” she said.

    According to Propsting, plenty of effort went into the production of the kit to make it as useful and attractive to customers as possible. “It was quite a process to get it all done. Because the different packaging grades have different thicknesses, there were different printing methods used,” she said. “The custom outer cover was offset printed on CustomKote 711mic/520gsm. We chose this product as it is well known as the strongest board available in the marketplace, and with all those heavy packaging samples inside we thought it the perfect opportunity to show off the board’s durability.”

    Copies of Direct Paper’s  ‘The Complete Packaging Solution‘ are available for qualified industry professionals. Contact Jessica Propsting.