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  • Cactus Imaging showcases Aussie print prowess on the world stage

    Australia’s Cactus Imaging is showcasing local print prowess on the global stage after being selected as one of the top five international winners at FESPA 2013 in London during a gala awards night on 27 June.

    Keith Ferrel (pictured right), general manager strategic business development at Cactus Imaging – the wide format and sign and display subsidiary of OPUS Group – was on hand in London to receive the award from outgoing FESPA Prdsident, Gyorgy Kovacs, at the gala event (pictured left). 

    The Hall of Fame 2013 nominees were from over 35 countries worldwide and included new and familiar faces. The overall global winner of the Hall of Fame 2013 was announced as Suresh Babu, AB Screens, India.

    The top five global winners – listed below – were announced at FESPA 2013’s 50th Anniversary Gala Night:

    1. Suresh Babu: AB Screens, India

    2. Keith Ferrell: Cactus Imaging Australia, Australia

    3. Samir Sadikoglu: European T-Shirt Factory (ETF), Turkey

    4. Jon Weiss: New Buffalo Shirt Factory, USA

    5. Felipe Costa: MC4 Promo, Brazil

    The Hall of Fame highlights worthy printers from around the world who their peers hold up as international role models. Nominees who received several votes are inaugurated into the Hall of Fame and will receive a host of benefits as part of an exclusive group.

    They will also receive VIP invitations to global FESPA events as well as discounted conference or summit delegate places. Once printers have been inducted into the Hall of Fame they also receive a lifetime membership.

    Below is the list of Australian FESPA 2013 Hall of Fame inductees:

    Keith Ferrel Cactus Imaging Australia
    Glenn Watson AFI Branding Solutions
    Bruce Rayment Halifax Vogel Group
    Steve Allardice Directimage
    Martin Johnston VE Graphics
    Vincent Liem VE Graphics

    Below is the breakdown of the FESPA Hall of Fame 2013 winner for each country.

    Australia: Keith Ferrel, Cactus Imaging

    Austria: Werner Lang, Lang & Lang

    Belgium: Dan Vandevoorde, X-Treme

    Bosnia and Herzegovina: Osman Kucuk, Sorea d.o.o

    Brazil: Felipe Costa, MC4 Promo

    Bulgaria: Aleksandar Tanev, Bravo Pechatni Tehnologii Ltd

    Canada: Alan Culbert, The Central Group

    Czech Republic: Ondrej Parpel, OP Tiger Ltd

    Denmark: Troels Nrhede, Visuel Print

    France: Michel Caza, FESPA Ltd

    Germany: Simon Pless, Erler & Pless

    Greece: Elias Koutoumanos, Netprint

    Hungary: Károly Orbán, Codex Wertpapierdruckerei geschlossene AG

    India: Suresh Babu, AB Screens

    Ireland: Colin Culliton, The Printed Image

    Italy: Roberto Posarelli, Esanastri Srl

    Mexico: Francesco Brocchi, Graficosgamma SA

    Netherlands: Andre America, America Digitaal Druk BV

    Poland: Marek Walizak, Opinion SP

    Portugal: Pedro Jacques de Sousa, DGI Digital Graphics Group International

    Romania: Geo Baraian, Impression Global

    Russian Federation: Alfia Zakirova, Ligo

    Slovakia: Mojmír Bittner, Bittner Print s.r.o.

    South Africa: Garth Richards, Graphic Laminates

    Spain: Guillermo Corominas, Sundisa

    Sweden: Torbjörn Johansson, Tobex AB

    Switzerland: Philipp Gloor, GmbH

    Turkey: Samir Sadikoglu, European T-Shirt Factory (ETF)

    United Arab Emirates: Ahmad Bin Al Hassan Al Shaikh, Hassan Bin Al Shaikh Group

    United Kingdom: Tim Hill, Speedscreen

    United States: Jon Weiss, New Buffalo Shirt Factory