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  • Get in quick – Galley Club Awards submission extended

    The Galley Club is giving publishers an extra week to enter work into the Galley Club Awards for Excellence 2012, with entries now due to close on 9 July.

    The event, which the publishing and printing organisation will hold on 19 October, will be open to production work of books, periodicals and other publications, in its continuing search and promotion of the highest standards of excellence in the country’s publishing landscape.

    Galley Club committee member, Robert Stapelfeldt (pictured), says the event will be a shot in the arm for the industry, injecting it with energy and confidence.

    “We’re looking for a night of a resurgence and vibrancy,” says Stapelfeldt. “We’re looking to end the year with a little bit of resilience. We want people to know we’re still here, still around. It’s been an exciting year, and we’re keen to get around to the people that make the industry what it is and share some awards, and catch up with some old friends.”

    Stapelfeldt says that the awards show that publishing still plays an enormously important role in Australia’s society and marketplace no matter what form it comes in. “It’s just a matter of by what means is the book being published, there’s still plenty of publishing activity, it’s just where the activity takes place,” he says.

    Nominations can be submitted by filling out the nomination form on the Galley Club website: