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  • GEON maintains service contract with Heidelberg

    GEON chief, Graham Morgan, has rejected industry rumours that his company has moved its maintenance service in-house, discontinuing its contract with Heidelberg, one of its largest suppliers.

    Industry sources indicated last week that GEON had ended its service contract with Heidelberg, a rumour that Morgan has been quick to deny, saying that GEON’s maintenance service contract continues to remain active across 70 per cent of the company’s facilities.

    The rumoured contract changes refer to only three sites, says Morgan (pictured), which continue to use a full complement of Heidelberg equipment. Additionally, these sites continue to operate under other contractual service arrangements with Heidelberg.

    In a statement, Morgan said:

    In the first instance, GEON does not believe in commenting on our Employees, Clients or Suppliers. Having said that I have followed the media coverage on this story and feel it important that I correct the facts behind the rumours.

     Heidelberg is a strategic and key supplier to GEON yesterday, today and tomorrow. They deliver superior equipment and service and I recommend Heidelberg to any in the print industry.

     Further, GEON has maintenance service agreements with Heidelberg across 70% of our sheds and this story relates to three sites only which continue to be kitted with Heidelberg equipment and operating under other contractual service arrangements with Heidelberg.

     The suggestion that GEON are employing maintenance engineers to commence in-house servicing for all our sites is ludicrous and simply untrue,