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  • Canon back in the game with new imagePRESS C800

    It is seven years since Canon brought a totally new digital print engine to the market but the new team at the imaging company reckons it’s been worth the wait.

    At a time when product cycles generally revolve around the two to three year mark, the absence of Canon from the market with a new engine was notable, especially for its customers. The once dominant supplier slipped in market share as rivals, Fuji Xerox and Konica Minolta debuted a series of products.

    Now the wait is over and according to Michael Boyle, senior general manager, Canon Professional Print, the market can expect a new era and a new level of strategic partnership from CPP.

    At what he termed, “a colourful night of inspiration” at Canon’s schmick new headquarters in Sydney’s North Ryde, Boyle emphasized the commitment and dedication of his team to wining back its preeminent position in digital colour printing.  “I want you to see us as a proven committed partner that takes as much pride in print as you do,” he told the audience of customers, refashioning the launch slogan.

    The launch of the new imagePRESS C800 confirms Canon’s mastery of colour performance with Henryk Kraszewski, product manager, pointing out the image quality – “best in class,” – productivity and flexibility of the new machine. “Almost two thirds of all digital colour production presses sold in Australia are in the 80 page per minute range and it is the sector where there is most growth,” he said.

    He particularly directed attention to the productivity enhancements of the imagePRESS C800, which he said has industry-leading job turn around. “Productivity is not about speed, it’s about how many jobs you can produce,” he said.

    First cab off the rank in NSW for the imagePRESS C800 is Theo Stamatopoulos, Gold Leaf Framing, PIcton (left) pictured with Andrew Ward, manager - northern region graphic arts CPP.

    Canon expects the first shipload of the new engines to arrive shortly with the first installations either later this month or in early August. There are already a number of sales confirmed.

    Undoubtedly the imagePRESS C800 is a very fine digital colour engine and the printed evidence at the debut proved its capability, but as guest speaker on the night, Paul Clitheroe, financial analyst and presenter said, “a machine like this, no matter how good it is, is a commodity. What makes the difference is the service that goes along with it.”

    It was a sentiment echoed by Boyle who closed the friendly, nicely casual evening, with a promise that the Australian printing industry has in CPP a partner re-committed to the long-term advancement of its customers.


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    Enjoying the 'friendly, nicely casual evening,' (from left) Henryk Kraszewski, CPP, Theo Stamatopoulos, Gold Leaf Framing, Paul Clitheroe, speaker, Michael Boyle, senior general manager CPP and Rowan Brown, Deakin University.