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  • More dollars to shift out of print marketing

    Spending on print marketing communications will fall by more than 6 percent over the next two years as print drops to just below 30 percent of total spend.

    Mobile will get the greatest boost with its share of marketing budgets increasing by 8.8 percent to where it will account for 12 percent, according to a recent InfoTrends study entitled Understanding Vertical Markets: Enterprise Communications Requirements. Spending on websites will go up by 4.9 percent to 27.8 percent making it the second largest component in the marketing mix. However print is still the largest single sector in terms of marketing dollars.

    But the US-based survey is not all bad news for printers according to author, Barb Pellow. She says printers have a role to play in diversified marketing programmes, showing customers how to effectively integrate and manage the different parts of the campaign.

    This creates new revenue streams associated with the delivery of communications across multiple channels, and print remains an integral part of the offer. According to InfoTrends’ survey results, print can remain a cornerstone for many marketing campaigns. In fact, survey participants reported that 47% of their printed marketing materials had been linked to online digital channels in the past 12 months.

    Brochures, direct mail and essential mail are the likeliest forms of print to be linked online. Marketers use printed collateral to encourage customers to go to websites, social media sites, mobile apps, and image files. They combined print and digital in order to reach a broader audience, attract a target demographic, and improve campaign response rates.

    The arrival of the cross-media opportunity leads Pellow to promote 2013 as the year of Print Plus. To thrive and survive she encourages printers to brush up on their ability to become partners with customers in developing multi-channel campaigns.