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  • Stark choice presented to the industry – ‘Innovate or Stagnate’

    Understanding and using innovation in printing businesses will become an important focus for Printing Industries industry engagement following a successful round of forums in cities around Australia which ended last week.

    The Printing Industries’ ‘Innovate or Stagnate series sponsored by Media Super featured speakers from the acclaimed Hargraves Institute.

    Speaking at the Sydney forum, Hargraves Institute executive director, Alan Ryan (pictured), said that companies could not continue to do what they did 10 years ago and expect to be successful. He also cautioned against relying solely on technology for an ongoing solution.  “It doesn’t matter how successful you are, technology comes and goes,” he said. “The world is changing and unless you change too, you will be left behind. One of the best ways to innovate is to perfect someone else’s ideas – there’s no need to invent anything or even invest – just take the idea and do it better.”

    He divided innovation into 10 types:
    1 The business model – how you make money.
    2 Networks and alliances – how you join forces with other companies for mutual benefit.
    3 Enabling process – how you support the company’s core processes and workers.
    4 Core processes – how you create and add value to your offerings.
    5 Product performance – how you design your core offerings.
    6 Product system – how you link and/or provide a platform for multiple products
    7 Service – how you provide value to customers and consumers beyond and around your products.
    8 Channel – how you get your offerings to market
    9 Brand – how you communicate your offerings
    10 Customer experience – how your customers feel when they interact with your company and its offerings.

    He advised companies to examine theses areas, reject what they considered irrelevant to them, select what is relevant and then do something about it. Ryan said innovative companies needed to have multiple projects running all of which were focussed on getting them where they wanted to be.

    “If you have multiple projects and one fails, that’s OK because you have others running. Smaller projects cost less and are easier to manage than big projects until you get the experience to run bigger projects. Always remember that from little things, big things grow,” he said.

    Printing Industries is currently finalising the next development phase with the Institute that can assist companies move forward with innovation.

    Pictured: (l-r) Following the Sydney Innovate or Stagnate seminar  Printing Industries CEO Bill Healey with Media Super General Manager, Client Relations Lisa Collins, Hargraves Institute Executive Director Alan Ryan, Media Super Relationship Manager Virginia Flint and Media Super Relationship Manager Peter Cleary.

  • Printing companies need to realise their full potential

    Printing companies should not be restricted by believing innovation comes from technical knowledge only and may be out of their reach because of cost or lack of expertise. According to Alan Ryan, executive director of the Hargraves Institute, innovation is not necessarily about creating anything new, but more about what you do with what you know.

    Ryan believes that no business can be isolated from the need to constantly encourage new thinking about the way they do things from customer engagement through to products offered and production. He is currently running a series of keynote presentations around Australia as part of the Printing Industries’Innovate or Stagnate the Why? How & What?’ printing industry forums.

    “In the middle of the last century Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity was repeating the same action and expecting a different result. If Einstein were alive today he would say that the definition of insanity was repeating the same action and expecting the same result.

    “Today’s world is changing around us so fast that it allows excellence in repetition to predict future success,” he said.

    This week sees the completion of seminars in Adelaide and Perth. Ryan will be presenting in Brisbane on 4 June, Sydney 5 June and Melbourne 7 June. The Brisbane session will be held at the Brisbane International Hotel while both the Sydney and Melbourne sessions will be hosted at their respective Printing Industries’ state offices.

    Ryan has taken the position that the Apple Corporation, the world’s largest most successful company, does not invent things.

    “Apple did not invent the MP3 player or the mobile phone; they just did them better. The lesson from Apple is to look around and capitalise on the inventiveness of others and do it better,” said Ryan.

    Bookings close this week and seating is being finalised on a first come basis. Information on each city session is available by contacting or by calling your local Printing Industries office on 1800 227 425 or via this link.

  • PIAA national forums to tackle industry innovation

    Printing Industries has enlisted some of Australia’s top innovative brains to assist printers to identify and make innovation work in industry businesses. The national forum program – Innovate or Stagnate – the Why? How & What? – will work its way through Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney to Melbourne with a series of keynote luncheons starting from 28 May.

    According to Joe Kowalewski, national director of communications and marketing for Printing Industries, a relaxed lunchtime environment will ensure attendees will get the maximum benefit from knowledgeable keynote speakers.

    “While innovation if often talked about, few people really understand its scope or see themselves being able to benefit from it in their present business circumstances. These forums will act to change that and to give everyone attending a take-away that they can immediately relate to and benefit from in this critical time of challenge for the printing industry,” said Kowalewski.

    Printing Industries has partnered with the renowned Hargraves Institute, an Australian think-tank and innovation knowledge hub, to deliver the Media Super sponsored forum. Some of Australia’s leading innovative companies will be featured in case studies illustrating how and where innovation is found, can be created and implemented.

    Founder and executive director of the Institute, Alan Ryan, will be the keynote speaker at the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide forums. Regarded as one of Australia’s leading innovation practitioners and thinkers, Ryan (pictured) has worked on more than 100 major innovation projects in industry and consulted on another 150 others. His case studies range from the public to private sectors and will include printing industry specific examples.

    Print players in Perth will hear Tess Julian’s keynote presentation on why the industry needs to innovate and what businesses can do to survive. Julian is a director of Ratio, an organisation working with the Hargraves Institute on research, training and innovation systems and processes to help businesses address their unique challenges.

    Her recent projects include the InnovationXchange in Australia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom; the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Taiwan; Universiti Sains Malaysia and the Mauritius Research Council.

    The lunch-time forums will run from noon to 2pm beginning in:

    Bookings can be made by downloading the relevant state registration form here or by visiting