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  • Intec Printing Solutions gets the Fiery spark

    Intec Printing Solutions is giving its range of extreme heavy stock colour digital printing systems a new spark after signing a deal with print software giant, EFI, to develop and lunch a Fiery front end specifically for Intec printers.

    The new system, EFI Fiery digital font end for Intec printers, was launched on 29 August and is based on EFI’s recently launched Fiery XF Version 5. Under the new partnership between the two companies, the Fiery system will be optionally bundled with the Intec range.

    The Intec range, which is distributed locally through Canberra-based Onyx Solutions, is set to offer end users exact colour through a fully customisable user interface and workflow onto a broad spectrum of media.

    For Ian Melville, Intec Printing Solutions managing director, the partnership will enable Intec to keep pace with the technical race among its rivals in the global marketplace.

    “We are incredibly excited about the new partnership with EFI which ensures Intec continues to evolve within an ever changing print industry, keeping us at the forefront of technology” states Ian Melville, managing director at Intec Printing Solutions.  “And even more delighted to be able to offer our customers a flexible and scalable high-speed RIP and colour management workflow that is the perfect solution for our range of digital printing solutions.”

    Intec printers are already known for a wide range of printing applications including short run print production, heavy stock printing, greeting cards, envelope printing, banner and point of sale applications, packaging with Intec’s capability to print onto substrates up to 600gsm.

    The addition of the Fiery system will enable Intec users to quickly and easily achieve output on all manner of substrates from Intec printers. It is compatible with Mac OSX and Windows and is available from authorised Intec partners such as Onyx Solutions.

    According to EFI and Intec, the Fiery front end streamlines the entire print production process from job creation to printing, through the use of default paper profiles and print verification.

    The system offers a modular software architecture allowing users to add advanced colour functionalities such as the Color Verifier and Color Profiler Option, resulting in greater colour control for the short-run print production marketplace.

    Toby Weiss, senior vice president and general manager of Fiery products at EFI said: “We value our new partnership with Intec and the ability to bring the market-leading Fiery colour accuracy, cutting-edge performance and superior output to Intec customers. Together we can deliver exceptional and unique products to new markets and market segments globally.”