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  • PIAA set to launch new industry job service

    Printing Industries’ Australian Apprenticeship Advisor and Mentoring program is set to launch a new job service that matches employers with potential apprentices.

    The service will be available on a new website launched as part of the program.

    The job matching service, which is scheduled to launch in two weeks’ time at the beginning of December, aims to encourage employers to post suitable jobs in the hope of enticing motivated potential apprentices.

    National program manager, Ian Walz, said the website development is part of a strategy that involves social media, plant visits and career and trade expos across the country.

    “We are travelling as far and as wide as we can spreading the good news about an industry that is evolving into an exciting new era and promoting the benefits of engaging in an exciting career through an apprenticeship,” he says. “The website provides ready access to information on industry career paths, how to go about starting a career and how to access the apprentice support provided around the country by our mentors. It will also feature a new ‘live chat’ service for more immediate engagement.

    “This will be supplemented by social media and a more comprehensive website in the new future. Employers are catered for too and can also get information on apprenticeships and the various incentives offered as well as registering their interest in hiring an apprentice,” he says.

    According to Walz, since the program started in August, operating out of all Printing Industries offices around Australia, mentors had represented the industry at apprenticeship, skills and career expos, job and the PrintCom exhibition at Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

    “This program is being run in every mainland state and has proven to be very fruitful in identifying the ‘young and not-so-young’ candidates who wish to have an apprenticeship,” he says. “The job matching service will take this a step further by bringing together potential employers and apprentices.”

    Employers are being encouraged to express interest in employing an apprentice and in taking advantage of the free service that Printing Industries will provide.

    “Please contact us either through our website or email,” says Walz.