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  • The 30th National Print Awards open to royal treatment

    Registrations are now open for the ‘crowning event’ of the PacPrint13 week, the 30th National Print Awards, with one of Australia’s most popular comedians, Julia Morris, set to bring a touch of royalty to the night’s proceedings.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, the National Print Awards is pleased to proclaim that the Lady Julia Morris of the Manor of Gosforth will be your noble entertainment at the banquet convened to crown the Kings and Queens of Australia’s print and graphic communications industry.”

    So went the proclamation from John Wanless, chairman of the 30th National Print Awards, after registrations opened for what looks set to be the ‘crowning event’ of the PacPrint13 week in Melbourne – the National Print Awards Presentation Dinner, on Friday 24 May at the Palladium Ballroom at Crown.

    Lady Julia (pictured), or Lady J-Mo, as she prefers to be addressed, may have earned her title via a dubious online nobility store (a gift from her fiancé, now husband, who also managed to mis-spell her home town of Gosford) but that has not stopped her making the most of her titled status which, she says, reflects her ‘fabulosity’.

    “Anyone who has been to an awards ceremony will understand that there needs to be a special classiness to such an event,” Lady J-Mo said today. “When the theme is ‘The Midas Touch’, as it will be at the NPA, there has to be even more sparkle. I think that’s where I come in.”

    National Print Awards Chairman, John Wanless, already basking in the glow of the milestone 30th Anniversary event, says the signing of one of Australia’s leading ladies of comedy is a coup.  “The National Print Awards Presentation Dinner has always been one of highlights of the Australia graphic arts calendar and having Julia there to host the Awards in her inimitable style will I’m sure make this a truly memorable event.”

    For her part, Lady J-Mo professes to be equally delighted, adding that the night’s theme – The Midas Touch – especially resonates with her. “Even before my ascension to the nobility, I loved gold as much as the next girl,” she confesses. “And of course, now that I’m a genuine member of the elite, it has become so much more important to me. I guess you could say that I have a bit of the Midas Touch myself, really.

    “That’s why it’s wonderful to be invited to lend my grace, style and all-round class to the National Print Awards this year. I understand instinctively, as you do, that this is a sophisticated and refined event which requires the elegance I can provide – however, because I feel somehow that you are all my equals, I will waive the need to bow or curtsey to me for the evening,” she adds graciously.

    Those wishing to take advantage of the opportunity for an audience with Lady J-Mo and, of course, the chance to celebrate the achievement of excellence in print with a night of fine dining and wonderful entertainment, can register online now at or look out for a printed copy of this year’s invitation, which are being circulated around the industry.

    “There’s no question that the 30th National Print Awards will be the crowning event of a very exciting and important week in Melbourne during PacPrint13,” says Wanless. “With so many industry people in Melbourne for PacPrint, and with highlights like Lady J-Mo hosting and some other exciting entertainment we will soon announce, it’s likely to be an extremely popular event so book early to avoid disappointment!”