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  • Government backing boosts industry training

    The Junior Printing Executives Association of NSW (JPE) is working to ensure the printing industry is investing in its future leaders, offering training courses off the back of new government sponsorship, the first one of which is designed to tackle the challenge of leadership.

    This is the first time that the JPE has offered these courses and, along with the Printing Industries Association of Australia (Printing Industries) it is calling on print businesses in NSW to take advantage of at least two new government-funded training programs set to kick off in July.

    Early this month, JPE announced the offer of an initial two courses to be run by Leadership Management Australia (LMA) and Applied Training Solutions (ATS). While government-funded, the courses do require a small co-contribution.

    The cut-off date for enrolments into the initial two courses is 12 June, the courses themselves will begin on 11 July, with ‘The Challenge of Leadership’ (Certificate IV in Frontline Management), which will be run by Leadership management Australia (LMA) at the Printing Industries office in Auburn.

    This will be followed by ‘The Sales Edge’ (Certificate IV in Business Sales), run by Applied Training Solutions (ATS) from 16 July, also at Printing Industries’ Auburn office. Both courses will run over a ten-month period.

    The courses will follow very closely behind two new print industry courses run by Spectra Training in Melbourne over June. Spectra’s two courses were designed to cover the initial interest the training organisation identified among PacPrint punters at the trade show in May.

    The two new courses being offered by JPE are part of a broad training push that has swept through the industry over the past year, seeing private registered training organisations enter the industry with new training programs and also the establishment of a dedicated training division within Printing Industries itself, which included the acquisition of registered training organisation, Intech Australia – the training division of Independent Print Media Group (IPMG).

    With the offer of its first two courses, JPE said in a message to the industry that:

    Owners and senior managers who support the professional development of their key staff, particularly the young, are rewarded many times over by better informed, better connected and more confident people. They will bring back new ideas and fresh energy to your business every time they attend JPE events.

    According to Printing Industries, these initial two courses offer businesses and employees a host of benefits, including: recognition through a national qualification, the content is about training future managers and leaders from businesses’ current workforce, serious professional development opportunities for key employees, and tools for employees to use in their day to day work.

    Additionally, Printing Industries says that the courses are conducted by strong, well-respected training providers which have a strong history of success in the Australian printing industry, and the course fees are heavily subsidised by the government – up to 66 per cent of the costs of the programs (depending on the size of the business involved).

    The association claims that numerous studies have shown that the best-managed companies achieve high scores for performance in areas such as leadership, sales-per-employee, rate of revenue and market share growth. Training of employees has significant and positive benefits to businesses operating in a highly competitive market.

    In collaboration with Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA) and the federal government, Printing Industries says it is pledging its support of print businesses around Australia and their employees to achieve greater success and sustainability.

    If you believe your business would benefit from investing in some of your key staff please call Neal McLary (pictured), 
general manager, Research and Development at Printing Industries on 0418 738 231, or email at:, but, get in quick, enrolments close on 12 June.