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  • K.W. Doggett launches JPP Synthetic promotion

    K.W.Doggett Fine Paper is launching its 2013 JPP Synthetic promotion. The big news for the company is that H Grade is back, joining T Grade and C Grade to make up the JPP Synthetic range of white, polypropylene papers. All grades offer strength, durability and water resistance yet have their own unique qualities.

    Created with a bit of fun in mind, the water pistol and target shooting set is made up of a poster and three shelf wobblers, printed on the different grades. An A5 postcard was also produced as an insert to the JPP swatch, reminding customers that H Grade is part of the range again.

    Chris Jackson is a business development manager at K.W.Doggett Fine Paper and works on the synthetics portfolio. He comments on the reintroduction of H Grade:

    “We’re quite fortunate to have a range like JPP Synthetic, particularly H Grade, as it allows you to print using conventional inks which means any offset printer can work with it,” he says. “Combined with its outstanding drying capabilities compared to a standard synthetic, it significantly reduces your traditional wait time which ensures shorter lead times. We’ve seen pleasing results on the range recently and look forward to enjoying others.”

    The JPP Synthetic range is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, offset printing, embossing and foiling. Manufactured under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, H, C and T Grade are all fully recyclable after use.

    H grade is clay coated on both sides, has a high yield advantage, matt finish and is used for tabs, folding, labels, plant and industrial tags, menus, posters, maps, packaging, shelf wobblers, ring binder inserts and packaging applications.

    C grade is available in heavier weights and best for applications that require bulk and rigidity like book covers, food menus, point of sale, packaging and signs.

    T Grade includes Titanium Dioxide, making it slightly denser and more flexible than C Grade. The sheet is white, more opaque and very difficult to tear. It’s best used for tags, books and maps.

    For further information about K.W.Doggett Fine Paper, or about the JPP Synthetic promotion, please contact Nevi Laketa, Communications Manager on 0448 031 375.