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  • Colour accuracy from Konica Minolta – Print21 PacPrint HotPick

    Konica Minolta launched its brand new FD-5BT Spectro-densitometer in Melbourne  at PacPrint13, heralding the company’s new focus on easy to achieve and maintain colour consistency. The FD-5BT Spectro is a completely new, high quality, colour-measurement device, designed for colour critical printing businesses .

    “PacPrint is the perfect opportunity for Konica Minolta to introduce the new device to customers and print industry experts, providing them with a first look in person,” says David Procter, general Mmnager at Production Printing.

    Gordon Fogarty, National Colour Management Specialist, says: “By combining Color Care software with the FD5-BT, customers will be able to seamlessly adapt to the constantly evolving digital production printing standards, ensuring a solution not only for today but also for tomorrow.”

    New colour direction for Konica Minolta; David Procter and David Cooke at the show with the FD-5BT

    The FD-5BT is able to measure in three modes of colour – the CIE illuminant A, CIE illuminant D50 and illumination with UV cut. This enables users to enhance the measurement of printed colours, going beyond what is possible with Konica Minolta’s EFI ES-2000. Another unique feature of the FD-5BT is its flexibility – its ability to spot measure without being connected to a PC (i.e. without a cable).

    The Spectro was on show all this week at Konica Minolta’s PacPrint stand #2218, along with the company’s range of new KIP equipment.

    Konica Minolta is showcasing the KIP C7800 and KIP 700m for the first time at PacPrint  to demonstrate their leading capabilities to the print industry. KIP High Definition Print Technology is a new approach that offers a speedy alternative to inkjet printing, delivering outstanding quality with high definition and detail at a more affordable cost.

    Both the KIP C7800 High Speed Colour Printer and the KIP 700M monotone printer provide high quality, high speed, efficient, wide-format printing using dry toner. Konica Minolta says they are able to produce high volumes at great quality, faster and at a lower cost than other ink-jet wide format systems on the market.

    “We’re pleased to be able to demonstrate these top products at PacPrint so customers understand not only their performance features but also the benefits they offer for the environment. We expect both products will open up new markets among customers who print wide-format documents and turnaround large volume print jobs,” says Procter.

    The toner-based devices are said to be more environmentally friendly than ink products because the toner can be fully recycled, making them 100 per cent efficient; their other components are 97 per cent recyclable.

    Dr David Cooke (pictured o left with David Procter) sttended the show in his capacity as Konica Minolta new local MD – a role he took on at the beginning of May. Cooke was executive general manager for seven years before he ascended to his new role.

    “PacPrint is an exciting and unique opportunity and one that Konica Minolta greatly values. It allows us to showcase our technology, and the way we tailor solutions,” says Cooke. “We understand that listening to our customers and being able to tailor a solution that meets their needs is what makes a real difference and this is what we’re committed to at Konica Minolta.

    “Not only do we have technology that offers excellence in quality and reliability, we have a vast range of software solutions and services to address the ever changing needs of our customers – and their customers,” he says.

    On the future direction of the company, Cooke says: “This year we are presenting our complete colour package to the market, showcasing our full range of production presses and business solutions at stand 2218. Our continual innovations help us meet the high demands of the commercial print industry, where we are already renowned for image quality and colour reliability.

    “Konica Minolta is moving towards a horizontal organisational structure. We are driven by a desire to do business in an ethical manner and to become an ever more ethical, and responsible organization – responsible to the environment and to the communities in which we work,” he says.

  • KIP toner press beds down with Konica Minolta

    Low-cost wide format poster printing from Anitech will feature as another solution in David Procter’s growing arsenal of digital imaging solutions.

    The innovative toner-based press will deliver cheaper prints than inkjet for high-volume jobs up to A1-size. Japanese company, KIP, released its colour technology last year and displayed it on Konica Minolta’ stand at drupa in May.

    Sydney-based Anitech, the long-term KIP agent in Australia, has enjoyed considerable success with the black & white version of the KIP machine over the years and has sold two units of the new four-colour engine since its release. The move to bring Konica Minolta into the mix reflects the international situation where the company represents KIP globally.

    New KIP team together; Barry Grant and Stephen Pratt from Anitech and David Procter, Konica Minolta usher in a new era of cooperation.

    “The KIP press uses the same CMYK toner technology we are accustomed to selling,” said David Procter, Konica Minolta, sales manager. “It allows us to provide a wide-format solution to our customers. I see it as a natural fit for printers wanting to supply the point-of-sale market. Because it’s toner-based the image quality will last and last.”

    The agreement will see Anitech continue to install and service KIP products on behalf of themselves and Konica Minolta. The two companies are committed to a cooperative working partnership in ongoing sales and service.
 According to Stephen Pratt, CEO, Anitech, the agreement will introduce KIP technology to a far wider industry base. “We are mainly focused on the sign and screen industries. The KIP 7600 has a much greater appeal to Konica Minolta’s customer base.”

    Konica Minolta will be focusing on two models to offer its existing and prospective customers; the KIP C7800 high production colour print system and the 700M high speed wide format monochrome printer with colour scanning.

    “KIP products have been at the forefront of technology and development, particularly with the dry toner print process, which offers efficient printer solutions that have huge ecological and cost effective benefits over competitors,” said Grant Thomas, product manager, Konica Minolta

    “Our aim is to supply leading wide format print products, which offer world-class technology, reliability and features that enable cost effective, wide format print production.”

    According to Barry Grant, sales director, Anitech, the economics of the KIP solution cannot be beaten in high-volume wide format. “To print an A1 poster on inkjet you need specially treated coated paper. With the KIP you can get the same result on normal bond paper for less than half the cost.”