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  • Kurz targets identity theft

    Kinegram was recently been added to Taiwan’s new passports.

    Kurz, a leading supplier of metallised foil-based security solutions for banknotes – including the new Australian $5 bill – will showcase its new Kinegram ID security solution at the Digital ID Show 2018 in Canberra next week.

    In a presentation, Stephen Pratt, Kurz Australia MD, will discuss the importance of physical identification in the digital world and how Kurz’s innovative security solutions help combat identity theft.

    “Along with the rest of the world, Australia is rolling out digital identity and biometrics solutions at an increasing rate,” says Pratt. “These include digital driver’s licenses, e-Gates and other biometric scanning solutions. In a digital world, your physical identity now matters more than ever as these trusted documents are still used to verify who you are.

    “With this increased importance on the physical identity documents as the foundation for your trusted ID, why isn’t security on these documents being improved? In my presentation, I’ll be exploring the problem of identity theft and outlining what can be done to protect and verify physical identity documents using Kurz Kinegram technologies, and how these physical identity tokens can be linked to your digital identity.”

    The Australian $5 banknote features a Kinogram foil stripe applied over the top-to-bottom clear window.

    Kinegram is a foil-based Optical Variable Device (OVD) which is used to secure and protect government documents including drivers licences, passports and banknotes (including Australia’s) in more than 120 countries. The distinguishing characteristic of the Kinegram is movement – kine in Greek means to move – movement of light, colour or shine (reflectiveness) across a given design. The optically variable elements are fully transparent and can be lines or images, rainbow coloured or matt, changing to and from a variety of colours, or be seemingly three dimensional, and on a passport or licence can even be transparent replicas of the main portrait photograph.

    “The possibilities for designers are virtually endless; the effects are spectacular and result from the application of optical science, married to advanced foil technology,” says Pratt. 

    Kurz Australia will be at stand #416 at the Digital ID Show, 7-8 August at the National Convention Centre in Canberra. It’s the first major conference and expo for digital identity in Australia, and runs alongside the Technology in Government Expo. 

    Kurz is a global leader in hot stamping and coating technology with over 5,000 employees around the world.


  • Winds of change: Kurz boosts sales team

    Finishing specialist Kurz, a leading supplier of foil-based decorative and security solutions, has appointed Adrian Barbero as its technical specification manager and Justin Alderton as sales manager for New South Wales and Queensland.

    The technical manager role comes in direct response to an increasing demand from designers and brand owners for Kurz’ foiling and embellishment products.

    Barbero has extensive experience in the world of packaging and design, having previously worked as the national key account manager and B2B sales person at packaging giant Orora.

    “Adrian is perfectly suited to this newly created role as he has previously engaged with brand owners and designers, holds a degree in biotechnology and has vast experience in packaging, manufacturing and project management,” said Kurz Australia MD Stephen Pratt. “His expertise in packaging and design will help all stakeholders arrive at the ideal solution to represent their brand.”

    Justin Alderton, who previously worked for companies including Pemara Label, Teckwah Value Chain and Columbia Pelikan, will be responsible for sales of Kurz’s extensive range of hot and cold stamping foils for the decoration of labels, packaging, fashion and plastics.

    “Justin is ideally placed to work with our loyal customers in New South Wales and Queensland to help meet the ever-changing requirements of their customers,” said Pratt. “The growth of our customers’ businesses also leads to the growth of Kurz in these key sales states. In his role, Justin will influence and work directly with label convertors, trade stampers printers and some design houses and graphic designers.

    “Both Adrian and Justin are great additions to Kurz Australia and we are delighted to have them join our team. I look forward to seeing them working closely with our customers, making positive contributions that help us continue to grow the Kurz business together.”

    Both additions to the Kurz Australia team will report to David Murphy, national sales manager for Leonhard Kurz Australia.