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  • Reducing label waste is worth it, says L’Oreal

    Label materials supplier Avery Dennison has teamed up with beauty company L’Oreal and waste management firm Wasteflex in an effort to eliminate liner waste from L’Oreal’s production chain.

    Currently, close to 300 million square metres of liner enters unsustainable landfills in Oceania each year, mostly made up of PET film, glassine paper, and polypropylene products. Avery Dennison’s liner recycling program diverts glassine paper from landfills and turns it into new products, which, according to Anil K. Sharma, vice president and general manager for label and graphic materials at Avery Dennison, supports the company’s sustainability goals. “As a materials science innovator committed to making a meaningful difference, we see sustainability as both a responsibility and an opportunity to lead. With our liner recycling program, brands now have a solution that will enable them to reduce the environmental impact from discarded label liner waste,” said Sharma.

    Avery Dennison undertook a similar initiative with Coca-Cola in the UK in 2015, turning waste PET label liner from Smart Water bottles into recycled plastic products. According to Marcel Cote, strategic marketing director, Avery Dennison, programs like these are good for customers as well as the company itself. “As the pioneer of the pressure-sensitive label industry, Avery Dennison has always focused on helping customers and brand owners achieve their goals by delivering label materials that can elevate brands, improve productivity and help products become more sustainable,” he said. “With the launch of our Avery Dennison Liner Recycling Service, we can offer a sustainable solution to divert glassine paper liner from landfills and into recycled paper products.”