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  • Go green for competitive edge – new PIAA training

    The Printing Industries Association of Australia (Printing Industries) is hosting a series of new training programs in a bid to show printers how to go green and get the competitive edge in the local market.

    A key component of keeping ahead in business is ensuring the professional development of staff – which is the motivating factor behind Printing Industries Victorian training schedule for the next few months.

    Heading the new training schedule is Sustainable Green Print (SGP), the multi-level important environmental certification program, which sees training and support courses for Levels 1 and 2 being held on 27 and 28 August at Printing Industries‘ Mulgrave office.

    Bruce Lowery (pictured), Printing Industries manager, Member Services for Victoria and Tasmania, said that this cost effective approach of SGP to environmental sustainability had brought many benefits to participating companies.

    “Not only has it improved their environmental ‘footprint’, but it has significantly increased their commercial competitiveness as well,” he said. “SGP enrolments are being taken now which will cover the training, all necessary documentation, in the field support, an onsite audit and final certification.”

    According to Lowery, the next Victorian course, Effective Sales in Print and Communications, is a three-day course scheduled for 3-5 September.

    “This high impact workshop guarantees results and has led to many testimonials including Matt Davie – Avon Graphics describing it as being ‘Invaluable, motivating and memorable’; Nadia Monty of Printgraphics saying it was ‘Confidence building & motivational’ and Shane Ballinger of BML Forme Cutting saying it was ‘Challenging, motivating, enjoyable & inspiring’.”

    October 15-17 will feature the Dynamic Leadership Skills course, a comprehensive and accelerated management development program.

    For enrolment or inquiries about any of these courses, please contact Bruce Lowery on (03) 8541 7304 or

    Click here to visit the Print21 Calendar for more information and to find out about other upcoming events.

  • Victoria and Tasmania spearhead Sustainable Green Print program

    Victoria and Tasmania will be the first states in Australia to kick off the year with Printing Industries’ Sustainable Green Print (SGP) certification program, with 12 February marking the start date for the courses.

    Based on an ISO14001 framework, the SGP program is tailored to meet print business’s individual requirements – the demands of customers and the changing trends in dealing with managing environmental responsibility.

    The multi-level system gives businesses a choice of four linked achievement levels including ISO 14001 (Level 3 SGP) allowing printers to choose their ow participation and progress levels.

    Bruce Lowery (pictured), Printing Industries Victorian and Tasmanian member services manager, cites the SGP program as being one of the most influential initiatives to impact the industry in recent years.

    “I’ve been intimately involved with the implementation of the SGP program since it began about four years ago,” says Lowery. “We now have over 40 Victorian and Tasmanian companies who are either already fully certified, or have completed the training and are awaiting their final audit visit.

    “Without exception, all have found that the resulting benefits have exceeded their expectations. Not only have they made their workplaces healthier and safer environmentally, they have also realised significant efficiency and productivity improvements along the way,” he says.

    Lowery says that in addition to meeting the growing consumer demand for environmental credentialing, the program has given companies a competitive advantage in a market where printing companies found it hard to differentiate.

    “It’s suicidal for companies to try to compete on price. They certainly need to be more innovative, not just with products, but with the way they conduct business,” he says. “Sustainable Green Print is a widely recognised program meeting community sustainability expectations and positively showcasing the achievements of certified companies and the way those companies do business.

    “Any program that provides significant advantages over your competitors has got to be a worthwhile initiative,” he says.

    According to Lowery, dramatically reducing energy consumption and wastage, as well significantly improving recycling rates were some of the many benefits achieved through the program.

    He says that most of the SGP-trained and certified companies were quick to take full advantage of the marketing and promotional opportunities resulting from their certification.

    The February Sustainable Green Print training course will be held at Printing Industries’ Victorian office at Mulgrave. Companies who enroll for Levels One and Two over the two days will be eligible for in-the-field support prior to their onsite audit which is necessary for final certification. Click here for more information or send inquiries to Bruce Lowery on (03) 8541 7304, or email