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  • Manroland and Goss now one business


    The 80-page Lithoman: now manufactured by merged outfit Manroland Goss Web Systems

    Web press giants Manroland Web Systems and Goss International are now one business, with the successful completion of their merger just taking place. The new combined company will operate under the brand name Manroland Goss Web Systems.

    Market forces dictated the merger, with the web offset market worth a fraction of what it was pre-GFC, most estimates say the number of heatset and coldset web presses sold these days is only between 10 and 20 per cent of that a decade ago, with sales of newspaper webs in particular having collapsed.

    In Australia manroland has become the dominant market player over the past decade, with almost all web offset presses installed here since 2008 coming from the Augsburg factories.

    The new company Manroland Goss has more than 1000 staff and will be headquartered  in Augsburg, with current manroland Web Systems CEO Alexander Wassermann becoming chief executive of the business, while his Goss counterpart Mohit Uberoi takes a place on the Board.

    In Australia Manroland Web is a sales and service agency owned by the German operation and headed by Dennis Wickham, which sells and services both web and sheetfed presses.

    Both businesses have been through the mill in recent years, Goss spent a couple of years in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US, while manroland Web Systems is half of the former manroland that went broke five years ago and split into two, the web business being bought by German industrial conglomerate  Possehl Group, whilen the sheetfed arm was bought by a UK industrialist..

    The number of web offset manufacturers has been shrinking for some time, Goss itself bought Heidelberg’s web offset business, which it had bought from Harris some 30 years ago. KBA still manufactures web presses but sales are few and far betrween, while a trio of Japanese manufacturers Komori, Mitsubishi and TKS see little success outside their domestic market.

    First announced on 1 March, the two web offset press manufacturers – previously arch rivals – said they have come together to form a global market presence and offer a broad product range, technological excellence, long-term comprehensive customer support, and e-business in the web-fed printing market.

    Effective from Friday (17 August), the combined company, which will operate under the brand name Manroland Goss Web Systems, said it “will work actively with all customers on a positive development of the web-fed printing business”.

    Manroland Web Systems chief executive Alexander Wassermann will become chief executive of the new company, with its global headquarters in Augsburg, Germany and North American headquarters in Durham, New Hampshire.

    Mohit Uberoi, previous chief executive of Goss International, will remain with the business as a board member and will assist the management team with business integration.

    The current shareholders of Manroland Web Systems and Goss International, Possehl Group and American Industrial Partners (AIP) respectively, will both remain shareholders of the new company, supporting the established business-building strategy.

    The Contiweb business, which offers drying and web-handling products, as well as Manroland’s web production business are not included in the transaction and will remain independent as AIP and Possehl portfolio companies, respectively.

    Wassermann said: “Both Manroland Web Systems and Goss International were on a sustainable path to success. We will strengthen this path by increasing our global reach, continuing our innovative and focused R&D activities, and enhancing our market presence through targeted consolidation.

    “Our customers will be able to choose from an even broader portfolio of products and services, supported by the industry-leading e-commerce platform Market-X.”

    Manroland Goss Web Systems will concentrate on four main business areas. System Solutions will encompass highly-automated press and post-press equipment, including pre-owned offerings and press relocations, and Engineered Solutions will focus on mechanical, automation and closed-loop systems for all types of presses.

    Service Solutions, meanwhile, will offer “best-in-class service” in parts, labour, tele-support and performance-based service agreements while E-Commerce Solutions is an electronic marketplace that will offer efficient ordering and logistics performance for all suppliers to the web offset industry.

    The company, which will employ more than 1,000 staff, said it will leverage both firms’ successful structural and technological developments of recent years within new product development.

    It also intends to develop a lean business structure in line with overall market trends to build a strong business platform for the future.

  • Packaging print surge powers up manroland

    Two latest model manroland presses will go into Australian packaging printers as the sector reaffirms its commitment to the German press manufacturer. A third 700 press is scheduled for a similar time frame to a Victorian commercial printing company.

    Two of the top three packaging firms in the country, Hannapak in NSW and Colorpak in Victoria, are installing new manroland 700 sheetfed presses in January. The multi-million dollar investments are a testament to the continuing focus of manroland on the packaging sector. Both companies are long-term supporters of manroland press technology.

    Hannapak at Richmond will install Australia’s first high-speed R706 LV HS with automatic Aupasys Material Logistics System in the infeed and delivery. This is the most productive press in its class, with a rated speed of 18,000 sheets per hour. The six-colour HighSpeed press with coater is equipped with the latest in automation including InlineSorter, InlineInspector, and an Auto Plate Loading System.

    According to Mr. Sam Hanna (pictured), managing director, Hannapak, the press was designed for the company’s strict requirements. “This high-speed press is built for folding carton packaging. When manroland Sheetfed built it they looked at companies, such as ourselves, with high volumes in the carton board packaging market. There are a couple of things that take this press to the next level. Apart from the AUPASYS that we tested on the previous machine, it has the latest in-line inspection system.

    “We’re not just doing high volumes, we’re doing high volumes of very high quality work. Again we tested the inspection system on the last press with terrific results, but this is better,” said Mr. Hanna.

    The InLine Inspector operates by taking the actual PDF stepped file from prepress and sending it straight to the press. That becomes the image against which the system checks. According to Mr. Hanna, pulling a check sheet every five minutes won’t do on a press running 18,000 sheets per hour. “A lot of bad sheets will have gone through by the time the printer picks up a glitch. With the InLine Inspector the warning is raised immediately there is a recurring print defect,” he said.

    New manroland 700 for Victoria

    The other new high-productivity manroland is a R706 LTTLV sheetfed press, which will replace at least two older machines at Colorpak’s Braeside facility in Victoria. The installation is part of the leading packaging printer’s rationalization of its extensive folding carton printing fleet. The highly automated 700 double coater is the latest in a long line of presses the company has bought from manroland.

    According to Mr. Alex Commins, managing director, Colorpak has been a consistent investor in manroland presses. The latest acquisition is part of a continuing rationalization that began with the takeover of Carter Holt Harvey in 2010.

    “The new press is going to be commissioned around Christmas. It fits nicely with the rationalization strategy we’re undergoing at the moment. It’ll give us greater productivity. We’ve been a long-term investor in world-class technologies,” he said. “Over many years Colorpak has been at the forefront of technology investment. There are not too many others that can boast the modern suite of equipment that we have.

    “We have something like 27 presses in the group, and we’ve been consistently buying Roland 700s for six or seven years. We inherited a lot of the technology from CCH. The great majority of presses in our group are manroland.”

    The new press has sufficient productivity to replace at least two older machines that will be sold overseas. “There’s enough capacity in the local market as there is. A couple of items will be sold, a couple of printing presses and cutting machines surplus to the requirements,” said Commins.

    Alex Commins estimates the company services about 25% of the market. It is concentrating on upgrading its production capacity at the consolidated Braeside factory after quitting the old CCH Mount Waverly site this year.

    The new press has a top speed of 17,000 sheets per hour, and like the Hannapak machines comes complete with the latest manroland Aupasys material logistics system for feeder & delivery. It is IPA free and has multiple quick-change options including automatic plate loading and an InlineSorter.

    According to Steve Dunwell (pictured), managing director of manroland Australia, the investment by Hannapak and Colorpak is an affirmation of the ongoing success of the press brand. “The people at these top packaging printing companies know what they want in a sheetfed presses. They are very experienced printers and I believe the decision to go with the latest manroland 700 is a vindication of the high productivity technology now available for the packaging market,” he said.

    A third manroland 700 press is also scheduled for a January delivery to a commercial printing company in Victoria, which has asked to remain unidentified.

  • Drupa kick-off – automatic for the printing press from manroland websystems

    Hannanprint opts for autoprint, the radically new operating system for its new 96-page web press for Sydney, manroland autoprint; PMP may also bite the bullet for ´no touch´ printing on its Perth press.

    From the first press conference of drupa comes news likely to transform how printing is done in Australia. Reaffirming manroland web system´s technology leadership, Peter Kuisle, director of the resurgent web press manufacturer, confirmed that at least one of the two huge web presses destined for Australia will be fitted with the latest in automated control, the autoprint system.

    Describing it as fully automated press control, he said the technology means the press actually controls itself, leaving the operator to act as a supervisor of the production. It is the culmination of manroland´s ´one touch´philosophy, which is still a work in progress although sufficiently developed to change how presses operate.

    A new autoprint operating panel has not a single button, rather relying on an iPad-style touch bar. The system comes in different forms with an expert mode that allows the operator more control for those really tricky jobs.

    Kuisle confirmed the Hannanprint press will have the complete autoperint and said PMP is considering whether to pay the extra money.

    It was just one of the fascinating highlights that emerged from the first press conference on the day before the show opens. manroland is a much smaller company than the behemoth that was here four years ago. It shares the pre-booked stand with manroland sheetfed copmpany, as it cooperates with the UK-based buyout in markets around then world.

    The market for its products, newspaper and commercial web presses, is less than a third of what it was four years ago. It is operating on a business plan that calls for a turnover of €300 milion per year. Half of that will necessarily come from service while the rest, €180 million this year, is from new machinery. It´s tough going and it comes as no surprise that manroloand websystems will not hit its revenue targets in this first year of its new life.

    Kuisle said they were continuing with all the press brands and formats while adding a focus on working with Oce on a digital intergration partnership. manroland supplies the paperhandling and finishing systems while Oce sells its high-speed inkjet engines into the newspaper market, where its partner has traditional market leadership. The first sophisticated joint development was announced as going into a French newspaper and magazine company, Rivet Presse Edition.

    Sounding upbeat and positive, Kuisle projected a confidence that the company is now stronger than ever, with access to more capital from its new owner, Possehl. The glory days of the first half of the decade when manroland sold €2billion presses every year is not likley to ever return, but courtesy of manroland web systems this drupa starts off with a determined and optimistic svision for the future of printing.