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  • Packaging is ‘most important brand billboard’ – LIVE! Opens.

    Lindy Hughson, publisher of Print21 and PKN Packaging News, opens the inaugural Print21 + PKN LIVE event.

    Lindy Hughson, Publisher of Print21 and PKN News, opened the inaugural New Frontiers in Packaging Print as the first co-branded event from Yaffa Media’s new magazine stablemates today at Sydney’s Darling Harbour. 

    “This is the first of its kind for our packaging printing community, which is undergoing a transformation brought about in large part by digital printing,” said Hughson in her opening address. A full house of industry professionals from both print and packaging came to hear and share the experiences of the new digital evolution.

    Laura Demasi, Roy Morgan, delivers the keynote address at Print21 + PKN LIVE.

    The keynote address, delivered by Laura Demasi, director of consumer and social trends at Roy Morgan, focused on the ‘rise of the real’ and what it meant for traditional media. While Australians are spending more time on the internet than ever before, areas like catalogues, magazines and books have remained resilient, said Demasi. “It’s really tempting to think that the world is digital, that’s all we do, that’s the end of the story – but that’s not true,” she told the audience. “We spend more time interacting with media than we ever, ever have, and we do it right across the board – in digital and some traditional channels.”

    The event continued with a session on driving consumer engagement, featuring Amber Bonney, head of creative strategy at the Edison Agency, who discussed how printed packaging and POS are enhancing the experience for shoppers; a look at serialisation and coding on packaging, and how it can be used to enhance brand security and consumer engagement from Mark Dingley, CEO of Matthews Australia; and a deep dive into personalisation and versioning, and how they can create opportunities for brands marketing to the ‘me generation’, from Conrad Mendoza, regional marketing manager for brand innovation at HP.

    168 people registered for today’s event, which continues this afternoon with sessions on packaging design trends, game-changing technology, and the ‘future unpacked’.