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  • A virtuoso in Liverpool: Minuteman Press

    Phillip and Adam Anderson, Minuteman Press, Liverpool.

    Father and son team Phillip and Adam Anderson both served in the military before becoming the owners of a Minuteman Press franchise in Liverpool four years ago. Phillip is also an accomplished conductor and composer.

    “It has been a big ‘sea change’ for us and there have been many challenges to overcome; not least of all, the day to day operations of a digital print, design and marketing centre,” says Phillip Anderson. “Fortunately, we have benefitted from great support from the Minuteman Press field representatives and our area manager, Jeff Lewis. They truly are experts in their field and it would have been impossible to gather new customers and operate the business without their support and encouragement.”

    The tech lineup at Minuteman Press Liverpool includes a Konica Minolta Accurio 2070 digital press, a Konica Minolta bizhub 1070 and an HP inkjet 310. “We do a lot of digital and wide format work, things like booklets, flyers and signage,” says Phillip.

    The father and son co-directors operate the business with particular roles that are aligned with their talents. Adam is the face of the business and Phillip is the ‘wise head,’ according to Phillip, an accomplished conductor, composer and one of Australia’s leaders in wind band music.

    “The most gratifying jobs, which are not necessarily the ones with the highest profit margins, are the ones we do for other small business owners, people like us who are trying to make their way in a very competitive field,” he says. “It is always gratifying to see their eyes light up when they receive the finished product with creative text and eye-catching graphics that we have taken from concept and into the hands of their customers. Yes, we are printers; but we do much more than just business cards and flyers. We help our customers connect with their communities.”

    Phillip’s record of military service was recognised in the 2004 Queen’s Birthday Honours with the Medal of the Order of Australia. He was Director of Music of the Royal Australian Navy Band from 2002 until 2012.

    Phillip says his role in providing marketing services to clients is similar in ways to his position as the leader of the Navy Band. “Both jobs have a high creative element. We create products and deliver services to our customers. In my previous life, my team composed, arranged music and delivered ceremonial services for performances to audiences ashore and afloat. In the print shop, we create engaging designs and deliver the finished product to our customers. Those designs make their way into the hands of thousands of people whether it be in the form of the traditional flyer or brochure or on a promotion product or as an eye-catching sign on a vehicle or shop front.”

    His son and partner in business, Adam, a former member of the Australian Army and French Foreign Legion, was acknowledged in the 2010 Australian Bravery Awards with a Group Bravery Citation for his role in saving three people from a perilous situation at sea.

    Jeff Lewis, area manager for Minuteman Press International in NSW/QLD, says the Andersons demonstrate what it means to be a family business. “Their strong family values can be felt among their community. Whether they are donating their time to charities or helping another business grow, their presence is felt. They take pride in their business and it shines through with exceptional service and top-quality work. The Andersons have big hearts which is why they are loved by their loyal customers and peers.”

    The business recently added high-profile client Prudential Real Estate Australia. “Simon Perri from Prudential Real Estate became our client through our involvement in the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Industry,” says Phillip. “We provide design services, signboards, flyers with letterbox delivery, invitation cards, and correspondence using mail merge technology for delivery by the postal service.”

    Perri says the partnership with Minuteman Press Liverpool has been a breath of fresh air. “The prime advantages that my business has had working with Phillip and Adam is the ability to get my printing done quickly, accurately and efficiently with great quality. Response is crucial in a real estate agent world, and presentation is what sets up apart. With the previous printers, they would take approximately 3 – 5 days to print a brochure of which I would then have to organise to have delivered around every home, whenever a home comes to market or just sold. Working with Minuteman Press in Liverpool and receiving the personal services from Phillip and Adam, this process is done for me within 48 hours. Everything is printed and delivered which allows me to be at the forefront of my customers. No one that I am aware of can provide me with this service. I have looked around everywhere.”

    Minuteman Press International is a leading business marketing and printing franchise started in 1973 by Roy Titus and his son Bob. Minuteman Press began franchising in 1975 and has grown to nearly 1,000 business service franchise locations worldwide, including the U.S., Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the UK.