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  • Reinvent packaging print at LIVE

    Print21 + PKN LIVE: New Frontiers in Packaging Print is just two days away, as is your opportunity to learn about new ways to transform your print and add value for your customers.

    The opportunities in adding value to print are well-known to Italian winemaker Mondodelvino. Instead of cutting prices for promotions, the company has turned to digital print to create eye-catching packaging for its products; one campaign, in Christmas 2017, boosted sales by 18 percent over the previous holiday season. Another ongoing campaign has spurred retailers to double the number of wine cases they order, as each set of six cases, when put together, creates a single eye-catching image that vendors want to complete.

    Conrad Mendoza.

    Now, HP’s Conrad Mendoza is coming to Australia to show guests at Print21 + PKN LIVE this Friday how they can do the same for their business. Mendoza is the regional lead for brand owner and agency innovation under HP’s Graphic Solutions Business portfolio for the Asia Pacific-Japan region, and has been involved in the digital printing industry for more than 15 years. He has held various roles in business management, strategic marketing, sales, product management and print application development for some of the most innovative digital printer manufacturers today.

    Based in Singapore, Mendoza works directly with global CPG brands like co-creating with them digitally printed campaigns. He also conducts ideation workshops for brands to help them transition from using conventional to digital print in a unique way. He’ll be attending Print21 + PKN LIVE on Friday August 3, delivering the following presentation:

    Reinventing Brand Experience on Pack

    Discover digitally printed packaging as an the new innovative media for consumer brands

    • Recreate the brand experience both on-line and off-line
    • Adding Packaging in the “Five Ps of Marketing”
    • Is Personalisation or Customisation a fad or a long term trend?

    Friday’s Print21 + PKN LIVE event will feature a number of sessions on consumer engagement with brands and packaging design trends by leading industry experts from Matthews Australasia, Boxer & Co., Australia Post and many more.

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