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  • The winds of change – 12 September 2012

    Reshuffle for Magazine Publishers of Australia

    Magazine Publishers of Australia (MPA) has announced the appointment of Robin Parkes as Executive Director.

    Reporting to the newly-installed MPA chairman, Matthew Stanton (CEO, ACP Magazines), Parkes will work to leverage the members’ individual strengths and work towards a greater market presence and understanding for the magazine industry.

    Parkes is a senior media/marketing executive who recently completed her three-year contract as the inaugural CEO of digital television company, Freeview. Before joining Freeview, she spent four years with the STW communications group in various roles, the last being GM of Ogilvy Action.

    Parkes was jointly appointed by the executive members of MPA, Nick Chan (CEO, Pacific Magazines), Nicole Sheffield (CEO, NewsLifeMedia) and Matthew Stanton (CEO, ACP Magazines).

    “Robin’s appointment signifies a joint commitment to revitalising the MPA which has not had official leadership for the past few years,” says Stanton. “In my new role as Chair, I look forward to working with Robin in developing an enhanced market presence for the MPA and an improved collective message about the robust Australian magazine publishing industry.”

    Parkes says that, “magazines are first-tier media channels with unique benefits for consumers and advertisers. I am also thrilled to be working with three CEOs that have a steadfast commitment to developing and promoting the great brands, people and innovation within the magazine publishing industry.”

    Parkes takes up her role with MPA in mid-September.