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  • PIAA slams NEG as disaster

    The PIAA has slammed the federal government’s proposed national energy guarantee (NEG) as a debacle which will do nothing to alleviate the ongoing energy crisis.

    Andrew Macaulay, CEO PIAA.

    Meeting this morning the Board and CEO Andrew Macaulay discussed the NEG, with Macaulay coming out of the meeting saying, “We agreed that the proposed NEG is a disaster for print and packaging manufacturers, and for all manufacturing industry. The NEG is only a potential long term remedy that in the meantime will send print manufacturing offshore, never to return.

    “The government is playing politics while industry is facing sky high energy costs and inconsistent supply. Two states Queensland and Victoria are unlikely to agree to it anyway, they want high renewables and emissions targets. It is a debacle.”

    The PIAA has been fighting for an immediate fix to the energy crisis, and wants the government to invest in dispatchable energy, power that is affordable and reliable. Macaulay says, “The NEG, if it ever gets off the ground is at least three years away, meanwhile we are seeing the states close down coal fired power stations in favour of solar and wind, which are unreliable, and when not delivering cause the price of power to skyrocket.

    “The government has to listen to manufacturing if it wants to keep it in this country. This is not a debate about sustainables, it is a debate about the viability of industry, jobs and the future well being of the nation. Industry is technology agnostic, we don’t care where the power comes from, as long as it is affordable and consistent.

    “We are in a ludicrous situation where the most resource rich nation in the world is paying the highest energy prices, it is a very serious situation, which the proposed NEG will do nothing to address, it is a wasted opportunity.”

    What Australian printers pay for power varies for state to state but typically SA printers pay the most at more than three times what their peers in the US and Canada pay, with printers in NSW, Queensland and Victoria paying two to three times the price of North American printers.