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  • ‘30 years of my life gone’: Panther MD

    Greg Beech at Panther Print.

    Greg Beech, owner of liquidated Brisbane offset house Panther Print Group, says low margins in a shrinking market finally forced him to close the doors after 30 years in business.

    “It’s been a struggle since the GFC and I don’t think I was the only one struggling,” says Beech, who contacted Print21 to tell his side of the story. “I didn’t want to be seen as one of those guys that shuts down and runs away.

    “I feel bad that I haven’t paid the paper guys, Direct, Doggett’s and Vital. I was hoping to pay them but there was just no money left at the end. Within the trade, they’re the ones that got hurt. My wife and myself have put a lot of money into this company over the years and we decided we just couldn’t do it anymore. I had limited funds and had to make a decision.

    “I’ve paid off all the smaller guys, the mum and dad businesses, and my biggest concern was my staff,” Beech says. “I’d already sold most of the machinery and recently sold the client base and used those funds to pay off staff super. There should be no staff super outstanding at the end of this process.”

    Beech says the loss of a major packaging contract was the final straw.

    “I tried to change the Panther business a couple of years ago and bought a bigger press and signed a large one-year contract to print packaging, which I hoped would continue and transition into larger sheet work. But that never happened and then we lost the packaging job.

    “We were doing a mixture of small jobbing work and small run colour jobs but it’s a very tough market with low pricing and I wasn’t willing to drop to those cheaper prices because it was just untenable. With low margins in a shrinking market, you get a few people who don’t pay or don’t pay on time and there’s nothing left in the tank. I gave it a shot but I couldn’t do it.

    “In the end, I was left with just a guillotine and a few bits and pieces. Certainly, 30 years of my life is gone and there’s not much left at the end of it. To tell you the truth, I’m renting a house right now.”

    Panther Print, Stone St, Stafford.

    Panther Print – based at Stafford, a northern Brisbane suburb, was once an established offset commercial printer, running Heidelberg one, two and five colour presses.

    Beech last week decided to wind up the business and appoint liquidator Bill Cotter of Robson Cotter Insolvency Group. Major creditors include paper companies Direct Paper, Ball & Doggett’s and Vital Paper.

    Ten staff members, some with more than 20 years of service, lost their jobs. Four of them have been employed by another Brisbane printer, one has secured part-time work and another has found work outside the industry.

    Beech says he’s not sure where he’s headed next.

    “At this point in time, I could care less if I never smelled ink or saw a printing press again in my life, but I’m 55 and I need to re-evaluate. I have a lot of friends in the industry up here and something might come along in a month’s time. Printing is all I’ve done in my life so I’m not sure what else I could do.”

    A creditors’ meeting is expected to be announced shortly.



  • Brisbane’s Panther Print shuts down

    Panther Print at 31 Stone St, Stafford, QLD.

    Brisbane offset house Panther Print Group has been wound up after 28 years in business and a liquidator is now compiling a list of creditors.

    Greg Beech, MD Panther Print.

    Long-term Panther managing director and owner Greg Beech has been unavailable for comment. The company’s office phone was answered by someone who described themselves as a former employee. “For some reason, the phone has been diverted to my mobile,” he said. “No-one has seen Greg for about a week.” It’s understood all staff members have lost their jobs.

    A notice posted on ASIC last week says a meeting of the members of the company decided to wind up the business and appoint liquidator Bill Cotter of Robson Cotter Insolvency Group.

    On its website, family-owned Panther Print Group – based at Stafford, a northern Brisbane suburb – describes itself as one of Brisbane’s more established offset commercial printers. “Established in 1990…Panther Print Group are leaders in the medium-size range of quality commercial printing. Our Heidelberg one, two and five colour presses present our customers with quality, cost efficient and reliable, productivity for commercial midrange specialty printing. Our skilled pre-press team ensures your project is prepared for optimum efficiencies for our press, and post-press (finishing and binding), production.”

    The company’s client list includes the Property Council of Australia, a national organisation with 2,000 members. “The majority of the Queensland division’s member communications is via printed promotional material – including newsletters, events registration forms, publications, and brochures – and for eight years we have been relying on Greg Beech and his team at Panther Print to deliver a quality product which is on time and cost-effective,” said Robert Walker, Queensland executive director, Property Council of Australia, in a testimonial on the website.

    A date for the first creditors’ meeting is expected to be announced shortly.