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  • PeoplePRINT set for New York launch

    Local web-to-print player, John Weichard, is gearing up to launch his latest online print platform, PeoplePRINT, in New York City at the TechCrunch Disrupt technology conference in late April, with a local launch set for PacPrint in May.

    PeoplePRINT, which was first floated in August last year, is a print-buying comparison site, a little like ‘Wotif’ is for accommodation, where print customers can compare and buy print services online in the cloud.

    Weichard (pictured), who is also the name behind online print hub and web services company, D2P, is set to unveil the PeoplePRINT platform for the first time at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in April, following up with local launch at PacPrint13 in May.

    TechCrunch Disrupt, which is being held at the Manhattan Centre in New York City from 27 April to 1 May, is an annual technology and startup showcase and conference held by technology news and analysis website, TechCrunch.

    Only a few weeks after TechCrunch Disrupt wraps up, the PeoplePRINT platform will be launched in Australia at the PacPrint13 show in Melbourne during May.

    The local launch will give Australian printers and print buyers an opportunity to get closer to the platform, which was established in partnership with former Heidelberg Australia and New Zealand veteran, Alistair Hadley – who is the chief operating officer of the online company.

    On the PeoplePRINT website, Hadley says:

    PeoplePRINT is a global first technical breakthrough that finally allows buyers to utilise Web to Print in significant numbers.

    There are many benefits to print buyers and printers but the two most profound for printers are the removing of the impediments to a printer’s growth and empowering printers to actively manage excess capacity.

    Using PeoplePRINT, purchasers of print will be able to search for, compare, order from and deliver jobs to printers as easily as they have come to expect sourcing goods online from other industries.

    In August last year, when Wiechard first announced the development of PeoplePRINT, the Melbourne-based print entrepreneur said he had enlisted Ernst & Young to secure a $1.5 million grant from Commercialisation Australia for PeoplePRINT.

    Weichard also said his established website creation business, D2P, had committed about $300,000 to the project.