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  • It’s on – NSW PICA call for entries

    It’s on, New South Wales is the latest state to launch its Printing Industries Craftsmanship (PICA) call for Entries with forms available from 20 August.

    The forms cover 33 print and four business categories and the Media Super Future Leaders Award which was introduced last year.

    Media Super is also the principal sponsors for this year’s NSW event.

    Entries must be submitted by close of business Friday 23 September 2013.

    Entry forms can be downloaded here and the Call for Entries category brochure here

    The NSW Presentation night will be held on Friday 6 December 2013 at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth.

    Meanwhile the first of the state PICA presentation events is being held in Western Australia on Saturday 24 August 2013 at the Hyatt Hotel, Perth.

    Tasmania and Queensland will hold their PICA events on Saturday 12 October followed by South Australian and Northern Territory on 15 November, Victorian PICA on 8 November and the ACT Page Awards 22 November.

    For more information visit Printing Industries PICA NPA Information Centre here

    For more information and to find out about other upcoming events, click here to visit the Print21 Calendar.

  • PICA Victoria calls for outstanding entries

    Victorian Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards (PICAs) organisers are calling on all print service providers to put their most outstanding examples of print up for this year’s awards in November – but get in quick, entries close on 13 September.

    PICA Victoria Chairman, Trevor Hone (pictured), said: “Print is an uniquely effective, tactile and practical media which simply can’t be replicated,” Hone said today, “and this year we want to set tongues wagging by showcasing the very best and brightest the industry has to offer at PICA Victoria.

    “Earlier this year, the industry gathered in Melbourne to see the very latest industry advances at PacPrint. There, we witnessed not only how print can hold its own across areas from direct mail and digital masterpieces, to signage, catalogues and printing, but also how print is keeping pace in a new age with exciting cross-media options.

    “There’s no question that print today is as relevant as it has ever been and this is backed by research which proves its effectiveness and popularity, even with the so-called ‘digital natives’. In short, there’s nothing like print – and the PICA Victoria competition is a chance for those who produce the fantastic and diverse products which make up ‘print’ to put their work up against the very best of the best,” he said.

    So, for those who believe their print is among the best the industry has to offer, it’s time, says Hone, to ‘let your print do the talking’ by submitting their best work to be judged against the finest examples of print produced in the past 12 months in Victoria. Awards will be made in 38 categories at what has become one of the industry’s highlight events, the PICA Victoria Presentation Evening, to be held this year on Friday 8 November.

    “Not only will winners take home tangible proof they are a leader in the industry but Gold Medal winners will also gain automatic entry into the National Print Awards, giving them an exclusive chance to pit their work against the best in the nation,” added Hone.

    “So come on – words are cheap! This is the perfect chance to prove to your clients that you’re more than just talk so round up your best work, download your entry form from the website and enter today to let your print do the talking,” he said.

    Full entry details are circulating throughout the industry and can also be found on the PICA Victoria website at Entries close on Friday 13 September, 2013.

  • The search for Australia’s future print leaders is on again nationwide

    The search for outstanding young employee nominations for the 2013 Future Leaders Award is on again across Australia.

    Sponsored by Media Super, the award is being run in conjunction with the Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards (PICA).

    Bill Healey (pictured), CEO of the Printing Industries Association of Australia (Printing Industries), said that 2013 would be the first time all states had been able to include it as a part of their PICA events.

    Right across Australia – Bill Healey, Printing Industries CEO.

    “The inaugural awards were launched in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania last year and from this year it is a part of all our state PICAs making the Future Leaders Award a truly national and highly competitive event,” he said. “Printing Industries is deeply involved in encouraging young people to further their careers in our industry, at all levels from apprentices to managers. They are a key part of our industry’s future development.

    “High levels of talent and commitment need to be encouraged and nurtured.  The Media Super Future Leaders Award demonstrates that, as an industry, we are serious about promoting achievement and excellence to help develop the industry leaders of tomorrow,” he said.

    Healey commended Media Super for its continuing support of the awards at both state and national levels. Media Super National Client Relationship Manager, Lisa Collins, said that Media Super was proud to continue its support of Future Leaders Award and to build on a successful print industry partnership.

    “This award was created to recognise and reward exceptional & creative young people employed in any sector of the industry, from print to packaging, graphics and design,” she said. “While new forms of media are topical, print remains a fundamental, environmentally friendly, creative and highly effective part of the communications mix with opportunities at every level.”

    Nominations should be submitted to Printing Industries state office before the PICA awards entry closing date for that state. An Entry form and criteria can be downloaded here.

    The National winner will receive an all-expense paid trip to the 2014 National Print Awards plus $2000 for their superannuation account.

  • PICA season is open – PIAA

    It’s time for all the printing companies in Australia to start selecting their best print work to compete in the state Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards (PICA) as the 2013 season unfolds.

    First of the PICAs is in Western Australia where the call for entries has already been launched and companies have until 12 July to submit their work. The WA presentation night will be held on Saturday 24 August 2013 at the Hyatt Hotel, Perth.

    Entry Forms can be downloaded here.

    Queensland and Tasmania are next off the blocks and will share the presentation night spotlight on Saturday 12 October. The Queensland call for entries is open until 9 August and entry forms are available here.  Tasmania’s will be available shortly.

    South Australia and the Northern Territory Call for Entries are open until 2 August and forms can be downloaded here. The presentation night will be held on Friday 15 November at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

    The New South Wales call for entries will run from 18 July until 23 September. The Sydney Wentworth Sofitel will host the presentation night on Friday 6 December.

    Victoria’s call for entries will open on 26 July and run until 6 September.  Presentation night will be held on Friday 8 November at the Melbourne Sofitel.

    Information and links to forms, as well as previous PICA results are available on Printing Industries PrintNet website accessible here.

  • The NSW PICAs: towards a fairer system? – James Cryer

    After Offset Alpine topped the award haul at last week’s NSW PICAs and won the gong for NSW Printer of the Year, James Cryer, long-time industry gadfly and founder of JDA Print Recruitment, shares his thoughts about how the awards should adapt to the modern era to become fairer for everyone.

    Comedienne Julia Morris held the audience in thrall with her edgy humour at last Friday’s NSW Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards. She skated around politically incorrect topics with the grace and style of a ballerina and took great delight in making technical terms such as “limp-bound” seem positively pornographic.

    The take-home lesson for us in the industry, however, was her ability to be self-critical – even of the saggy bits – and for us to put ourselves under the microscope with equal candour.

    The print awards, in all their marvellous manifestations, are almost a replay of those of the 1970s with their preponderance of offset categories, their over-representation of the magazines/catalogues categories and their token nods to just a few ‘digital’ categories.

    This imbalance became apparent when Offset Alpine walked away with 18 awards on the night, including NSW Printer of the Year.

    Now, before anyone accuses me of ‘knocking’ Offset Alpine, I should point out that it weas born in my own family’s printing company’s premises in Dulwich Hill in the late 1960s and I’ve valued my ‘twin souls’ connection with the company’s sales and marketing director Garth Hackett ever since.

    Furthermore, I’ve previously described the company as ‘the darling’ of the print industry and a business, which seems to give off a warm inner glow – to which Garth famously responded: “no, that at was the Christmas party of 1993.”

    Imbalance in the awards

    I clearly have no beef with Offset Alpine – it is a fabulous company (hello Craig!). It is simply taking advantage of a flawed awards system. It’d be like inviting Ian Thorpe along to a sporting match only to find six out of the ten sports are swimming. He wins each swimming event – and then, because he won most events he’s crowned sportsman of the year.

    To be fair, Offset Alpine, having just purchased the latest state-of-the-art KBAs, could reasonably be expected to produce award winning work – would it not? So how does that stack up against the underlying spirit of the awards program, which is to recognise craft. There’s not too much ‘craft’ in the modern printing press!

    However, putting that to one side, the other issue which niggles away at the heart of these awards is this: maybe it’s the company which tosses in most entries – on the balance of probabilities – which wins most awards?

    Cost of entry too cheap

    Aren’t we also ‘selling the farm’ at such low entry prices? While the value of print awards is a mixed blessing, if cleverly marketed they can be worth ‘gold’ to an enterprising printer. I have the sneaking suspicion (hard to prove, I know) that some companies look upon winning a few awards, much like sports fishing or pig hunting – let’s give it a fling – if we chuck in enough entries (at virtually no real cost) – we might bag a few trophies!

    If the prestige of winning a gong is still huge, why not price it accordingly? At the very least there should be a much bigger differential between the entry fee for PIAA-members and non-members!

    How do you judge “best”?

    Getting back to the notion of who should be printer of the year, it’s just too simplistic to award it to the firm who wins the most gongs (even though that has a certain intrinsic appeal). The criteria should be a little more demanding – even multi-dimensional.

    Surely it should include reference to the firm’s business, environmental and innovative processes? Surely it should recognise success in creating new business or market opportunities?

    By these standards companies like Carbon8, or Evolve Print or Prografica, or maybe even Momentum – all of which are doing marvellous things to help put print back on the map.

    Perhaps a better measure of Printer of the Year would be to divide the number of gongs won by the number of employees? That has a far better ring of fairness to it  – and may throw up some interesting outcomes!

    Or maybe you could base it on the age of the press that printed the job – just like they handicap modern yachts to give the old gaffers a go!

    Towards a fairer sytem

    Simply basing the Printer of the Year Award on the basis of the number of gongs won, also reinforces the perception that ‘big is beautiful’ and only those companies with the resources to employ a QC manager, an OH&S manager and even an environmental manager, are in the running for gold.

    Surely, as part of any revision process, one obvious solution is to reduce the number of categories from over 30 to about half that (get rid of ‘1, 2 and 3 colour’, and ‘Leaflets’ for example. What can be so hard about printing leaflets – isn’t that what we do? – and have a Small, Medium and Large section in each group.

    That way, you’d at least spread the joy over a broader cross-section of entrants and create the sense that everyone’s competing like against like.

    It would also make sense to adopt a similar three-tiered entry fee, similar to the way the PIAA charges its fees, based on the number of employees – as to charge the same price to a company with 100 people as one with 10 staff, is to effectively over-charge the small guy ten times what the larger company pays! If it’s good enough for the PIAA surely it must at least be worth considering.

    I think Julia would approve.

  • Last chance for NSW and Vic PICA tickets

    Bookings close on Wednesday 31 October for the Employers Mutual 2012 NSW Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards (PICA) being held this Friday 2 November.

    However, if you are in Victoria, you still have a few days left to get Tickets for their PICA event which is on the following Friday 9 November.

    The NSW PICA begins at 6.30pm in the Parkside Ballroom at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour

    Comedian and popular TV House Husbands actress Julia Morris will MC the event which will include the presentation of print and business awards, an exhibition of entries and announcement of the inaugural NSW Media Super Future Leader Award.

    Membership awards including a special acknowledgement of one of the industry’s longest surviving companies along with announcement of the NSW Printer of the Year will also feature.

    Ticket booking forms for the NSW PICAs can be downloaded here. Inquiries to Mark Tolentino on 8789 7388 e-mail:

    Victoria’s PICAs will be held the following Friday at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins Ballroom.

    TV celebrity Lauren Phillips (pictured), Ambassador for Country Racing and presenter of Channel 9 Postcards and A Current Affair will be host the Spring Carnival racing season themed event.

    Ticket bookings for the Melbourne event are available by emailing , faxing details to (03) 9561 8780 or by downloading the booking form here

  • Julia Morris brings the laughs to NSW PICAs

    Get your giggle on at this year’s NSW PICAs with one of Australia’s most loved comedians, Julia Morris, who is back to host this year’s awards night in Sydney on 2 November.

    The straight talking queen of comedy has become one of Australia’s most popular entertainers since appearing at last year’s PICA event and then winning the Celebrity Apprentice reality TV show. Following that success she scoring a leading role in the new Channel Nine Sunday night dramedy (drama, comedy) House Husbands.

    Printing Industries national Director, communications and Marketing, Joe Kowalewski, says Julia’s television success has led to a flood of work offers.

    “Having her MC our 2012 awards is quite a coup as she is incredibly busy with television and theatre commitments,” he says. “But true to her down to earth persona, she enjoyed our presentation dinner last year and is looking forward to working with us again this year in spite of being in huge demand both in Australia and overseas.”

    The presentation night will be held in the Parkside Ballroom at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour from 6.30pm on 2 November.

    Themed the Power of Print, it will also feature an exhibition of winning entries along with the presentation of 33 Print Category winners, Business Category winners, the Printer of the Year award, Long-term membership awards and the new Media Super Future Leaders Award.

    Ticket booking forms can be downloaded here. Inquiries to Mark Tolentino on 8789 7388 e-mail:

  • Industry players show support for PICA NSW

    Some of the local printing industry’s biggest players have shown their support for this year’s PICA NSW event, with a group of 15 companies already signed on to partner with the PIAA for the awards event in November.

    The 2012 NSW Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards, which will be held on 2 November at the Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, has already named Employers Mutual as its major partner, but Printing Industries has added several other big names to the growing list of sponsor companies.

    “We have the support of Kodak and Lanier as Silver Partners; Bottcher, Quote & Print, BJ Ball Papers, Heidelberg, Fuji Xerox and Konica Minolta as Bronze Partners and Brissett Rollers, SkilledForce and Currie Group as Pewter Partners,” says Bill Healey, Printing Industries CEO and NSW general manager, adding that it was “heartening to see last year’s Major Partner, Employers Mutual, continue their support as the naming rights sponsor for 2012 and Media Super continue as our Platinum Sponsor.”

    Healey (pictured) welcomes the new partnership arrangements saying it was a good confidence boost for the local industry.

    “The PICA awards are the major activity for our NSW printers and it’s a great boost to our printing community to have so many industry partners prepared to support this event in a period of particularly difficult trading conditions,” he says. “These companies are an integral part of our printing community providing key support services and are well respected in their respective field of workers compensation and superannuation services.”

    Healey says he also commends the NSW Government’s Office of Environment and Heritage and Applied Training Solutions for continuing their Gold Partnerships, adding that there was still time and space for other companies to come on board in support of PICA NSW.

    “There is still an opportunity for other to join us and they can do this by contacting Mark Tolentino in our Sydney office,” he says.

    The NSW Call for Entries was open and companies had until 10 September to submit their entries. Click here for more information.

    The Call for entries forms can be downloaded here and the brochure here

  • PICA season in full swing

    The Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards (PICA) season is well underway around the country, with the call for entries beginning for some states and ending for others this week.

    While entries closed in Western Australia on 18 July, Queenslanders have until 5pm Friday 20 July to get their entries in, and can get their entry forms here.

    Companies in South Australia and the Northern Territory have until Friday 27 July, and can find out more here: Meanwhile, PICA Victoria entries close on 22 August. For entry forms, visit

    For New South Wales the closing date is Monday 10 September; Entry forms here.

    In Tasmania the call for entries starts on 1 September and closes on 1 October. Entry forms will be available soon.

    The ACT PAGE Awards call for Entries is open until 1 November. For more visit,

    Joe Kowalewski (pictured), Printing Industriesnational director, Communications and Marketing, says all information about the awards, including function details, is available on the Association’s website.

     “Entry forms, dates and presentation function details are available in our PICA & NPA information section for quick reference,” he says. “This section also contains all the results from last year’s awards as well as links to photo libraries for those wishing to recap over the last couple of years.”

  • NSW calls for 2012 PICA entries

    The New South Wales PICA Award entries are now open, with entry open until 10 September for printing industry hopefuls who wish to be featured in the 2012 Awards.

    The Employers Mutual 2012 Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards (PICA), which will be held on 2 November at the Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, will be running with under the theme of ‘the Power of Print.’

    Printing businesses will have until 10 September this year to submit their entries for both the Business Categories and Print Categories of the awards.

     Printing Industries CEO and NSW general manager, Bill Healey (pictured), says entry forms are being printed for distribution over the coming weeks.

    “Hopefully companies have already begun putting aside their best work to showcase our 2012 theme – the Power of Print – and we can expect to see some very innovative, high quality entries,” says Healey. “Based on feedback we received last year, the forms have been modified to make them easier to use. They have been divided into two distinctive sections to keep the print and business categories separated.

    “There have also been changes to the wording of some print categories making them more explicit which is intended to help companies to correctly categorise individual entries.”

    Healey also welcomed the ongoing support from Employers Mutual as the naming rights partner for this year’s event.

    “It is very heartening when you have Australia’s leading workers compensation claims manager supporting your event for the second successive year,” he says. “Our NSW partner support list is developing well with many companies already signed on.”

    Included in this year’s NSW partner list is, platinum partner Media Super; gold partners Applied Training Solutions (ATS) and the NSW Government Office of Environment and Heritage; silver partner Kodak; bronze partners Heidelberg, Bottcher Systems, Quote & Print, BJ Ball Papers and Konica Minolta and pewter partners MAS National, SkilledForce and Currie Group.

    “I encourage companies that have yet to confirm their support to contact us as soon as possible to maximise the opportunity partnering with NSW’s highest profile activity for 2012,” says Healey.

    NSW PICA will be held on Friday 2 November 2012 at the Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour.

    The Call for Entries brochure can be downloaded and the Entry forms are available here.