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  • 10,000 Raingardens wins Postcard of the Year Award

    Australia’s leading postcard innovators were recognize for their breakthrough work on Thursday 30 May, with Melbourne Water taking out the annual Postcard of the Year Awards in Sydney.

    Australia’s leading freecard media company, Avant Card, announced the winner of its prestigious Postcard of the Year (POTY) Awards with a gala dinner at Sydney’s Madame Tussauds.

    Melbourne Water took out the $20,000 top prize for its innovative 10,000 Raingardens campaign, featuring a ‘seeded card’ postcard designed for planting. Runners up were Nudie in second place, and Perth Festival in third.

    Now in its sixth year, the POTY Awards were created by Avant Card Managing Director Pat Mackle to promote and inspire creativity and innovation in postcard advertising and the world of print technology.

    Kate Kearns, marketing manager at Melbourne Water says, “We are thrilled to be the recipients of Postcard of the Year 2013 for our ‘Build a Raingarden’ postcard. Using seeded infused paper for the ‘Build a Raingarden’ card worked extremely well with our subject matter and the fact that we could use seeds of a suitable native plant was an added bonus.

    “We wanted to offer ‘pick up’ appeal with not only great design; but functionality as well. This combination allowed us greater opportunity to engage with the audience. It also aligned very well with Melbourne Water’s commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship,” he says.

    Liz Hardy from GEM Marketing (and Melbourne Water consultant) says, “As per usual with any campaign, it’s great to be able to speak with Marah at Avant Card to discuss possible opportunities. This particular outcome was a real winner! It’s great to work with a company that continues to push the envelope, offering ever greater innovation and integration for campaign initiatives.”

    For the past five years, Avant Card has worked with SOS Print + Media Group – an approved printer for government agencies and Avant Card’s proud print partner.

    “This year Melbourne Water’s brilliant planting card sent the competition green, quite literally, and we applaud them on their inventiveness and slick execution,” says Mackle, of the winning entry. “Produced by Paper-Go-Round, the seeded print cards have been a popular choice by clients who realize the important environmental messages they communicate.

    “This year’s competition was our most competitive yet, with some stunning creative campaigns from around the country,” he says.

    Finalists in this year’s awards were selected monthly by a panel of Australia’s leading creative directors and advertising directors who awarded points for creativity, insight and strategy.

    Keysha Milenkovic, Project Leader 10,000 Raingardens, Melbourne Water said, “Not only were my team and I exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the postcard campaign, this award brings with it the bonus of creating further awareness of raingardens, and how they help to manage stormwater run-off and help protect our rivers and creeks.”