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  • No joy for printers in Federal budget – PIAA

    Treasurer Wayne Swan’s sixth budget to the nation looks unlikely to benefit printers, according to the Printing Industries Association of Australia (Printing Industries), following budget night on 14 May.

    The association says that there are simply no measures such as corporate tax cuts, personal income tax cuts or measures to significantly boost economic activity or measures aimed at reducing regulations and compliance costs faced by small to medium sized printing businesses.

    In a statement, Printing Industries said:there is not much joy for the printing and associated industries in the Treasurer’s sixth budget.”

    Printing Industries says the budget has confirmed more cost pressures for business generally but specifically for small to medium sized businesses are just weeks away with increases in the compulsory superannuation to 9.25 per cent from 1 July 2013.

    According to Hagop Tchamkertenian (pictured), Printing Industries’ national manager, Policy and Government Affairs, the anticipated slowdown in economic growth during the next financial year will not provide much comfort to printing businesses facing challenging economic conditions, as printing businesses generally benefit from increased rates of economic activity.

    Consumption expenditure, a key driver of activity for the printing industry, is forecast to remain modest over the forward years.

    Printing businesses look set to benefit from lower projected inflation and moderate wage increases. A slight projected rise in the unemployment rate should help those printing businesses facing labour shortages by increasing the pool of labour resources available for hire.

    Printing Industries is also encouraging members to support the Small Business – Too Big to Ignore campaign this week, to give small business a greater voice in the agendas of political parties.

    The campaign was created by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) of which Printing Industries is a member.

    Printing Industries CEO Bill Healey (pictured) said the campaign was developed to give small business a collective voice that previously had not been possible.

    “Since the vast majority of our membership falls into this category, the campaign is well suited to complement our own strategies over the next few months,” he said. “While our members have many industry-specific concerns related to how they navigate the future in a multi-channel, digital world, they also share the broader concerns of business about being overtaxed, over-regulated and overlooked by government.

    “There are some two million small businesses in Australia employing more than seven million people – 60 per cent of Australia’s workforce – and that’s a force that collectively we want to be part of making a big noise to be heard in Canberra by all politicians from all political parties,” he said.

    Healey said the Too Big to Ignore campaign had a website where companies could voice their support simply by showing their support through visiting it, sharing it with others, making a comment, uploading a supporting video and her options.

    “I encourage everyone to to show their support and make themselves heard,” he said.

    Click here to read Printing Industries’ full report on the Federal budget.