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  • Print production levels expand in May

    Production levels in the Printing & Recorded Media sector were “particularly strong” in April and May, according to latest figures from employer association the Australian Industry Group (AIG). 

     The AIG’s Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI) eased by a total of 0.8 points to 57.5 points in May, indicating a 20th month of continuous growth, albeit at a slightly slower rate.

    Printing & Recorded Media was one of the strongest performers. According to the data, the printing and recorded media sub-sector’s index increased by 2.3 points to 58.7 points, indicating faster expansion in May.

    This suggests some respite from the long-term disruptions of technological change and intense import competition. This sub- sector has been particularly volatile of late, with changes in seasonal ordering and purchasing patterns likely playing a part. Production levels were particularly strong for this sub-sector in April and May.

     The Wood & Paper sector had a tougher month, but paper and packaging manufacturers benefitted from production growth.

    “The wood and paper products sub-sector’s index decreased by 0.6 points to 49.4 points, indicating stable conditions in May. This sub-sector’s strong recovery in 2017 appears to have abated. Some parts of wood manufacturing were benefiting from elevated residential building activity (generating demand for wood-based building products) throughout 2017, but this boost appears to be waning in 2018, as the residential construction cycle slows. Paper and packaging producers are still benefiting from growth in food, beverages and groceries production.